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 Handfull of ideas

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PostSubject: Handfull of ideas   Sat Mar 15, 2014 11:06 am

First Idea

Tuffle Rank: Mad Scientist

This tuffle is evil aligned and is designed to use its technology to destroy instead of assist. He gets additional items he can create such as a serum that can instantly cause him go Beserk (100% anger and a massive End and Str boost) for a limited time. The serum would be an item much like senzu and beer, thus can be dropped on the ground and even traded. If he wanted to, he could give somebody some of the serum with a very good RP reason or is an ally, much like senzu and beer.

Another skill that would be unique, Along with Borgify, he would also have the skill Assimilate. This doesnt just convert one into a borg, but a full android by completely. This would allow for great RP if he were to assimilate enough people. Assimilate can work on a single person, but can also be done to an entire planet. This will also allow for more spawn points for androids to start, and if looked into, possibly a higher chance of being rebuilt with each assimilated planet. This actually allows for even more RP as it doesn't destroy the planet, but simply converts it into a massive planet sized machine.

The last bonus they would receive is an even better tech mod for obvious reasons. He is a Mad Scientist, the knowledge of what he could create got to his head. The purpose of this rank is to give the tuffles somewhat of an early foot in the door kind of thing until planet travel comes along. A mad scientist could pose a descent threat.

Basic Variation:

Take the regular basic attack we use and set it to a standard icon that only changes colour. With a little coding, simply adding an offset of x and y axis on the basic attack will add an affect of more realistic ki firing. I mean, it would be baws to shoot ki in a perfect line every time, but thats a bit... yeah.. and it would look cool.

Tech Ideas:

Capsule Car: Allows flight for limited time. It up[grades similar to a pod, and would have options like: Speed, Efficiency, Fuel Tank, Durability, and (something i thought would be cool to add) maybe a zenni storage with password protection to prevent use from other people and access to the storage. It can also be picked up by turning into a capsule.

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PostSubject: Re: Handfull of ideas   Sat Mar 15, 2014 11:40 am

I definitely agree there should be more tech oriented ranks, and by that, I mean at least 1 or 2. A decent way for people to catch up technologically speaking would be fantastic as well. Since now-days if you join in mid-wipe, you have NO way of catching up to the immense amount of Zenni other players have aside from charity. Perhaps players joining mid-wipe can get some percentage of the richest players zenni stored in the bank to give them a head start?

As for tech oriented ranks. Adding onto Konope's suggestion, I think perhaps instead of what he suggested, make the technology to make Bebi unique to that rank. And perhaps make an earth rank equivalent to Dr.Gero which gives the ability to assimilate people into androids. That seems it would be more fitting with the canon. Perhaps add in a good scientist as well as the head of Capsule Corporation, taking on a role much like Dr.Briefs and Bulma combined into one. Creating more supporting technology and things like the Dragon Radar or larger ships for multiple people. Other tech ranks would be cool too, working under their respective rulers and giving them access to their own unique scientific items.

All tech ranks I feel, should get modifiers to how quickly their tech level increases, or to how much interest they get for Zenni in the bank, as well as a hard boost to both.

TLDR: Something to help new players catch up technologically, and tech ranks with unique science items and boosts/mods to tech level or zenni.
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PostSubject: Re: Handfull of ideas   Sat Mar 15, 2014 5:10 pm

As far as tech ranks go I highly suggest waiting and playing a techie first once the recode is done, the tech system will be working completely different and even need multiple scientists to work together to get their moneys worth, if it turns out techies need more of an edge for some reason at that point we can consider setting something for them up though I find Korons idea for a beer/senzu like object that makes them go all Bane on us rather contradictory, why would a brilliant, in your suggestion even a genius villiain, reduce himself to a dumb hulk. You'd expect clever plots or traps or something wouldn't you? Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Handfull of ideas   Sat Mar 15, 2014 8:50 pm

Im iffy about adding any ranks that are considered "Tech" ranks it seems this would be more of an ingame thing done under a ruler or just by hiding out. Afterall there have been a few techs that have gone on to conquer worlds and then some. Mad scientist thing sounds more like a possible history or personality really, the item I have to agree with promo doesnt seem like something they would create purposefully or use unless under dire circumstances as it would make them less capable.

As for the Assimilate skill, well, you have borg and people cant figure out how to even use that right. I think we should just keep it at that.

Now Lupa, your idea of zenni bolstering is was part of a conversation promo and I had pretaining to the recode, u will be happy to know it is going to be something we will put in place, I agree that later on in the wipe its nearly impossible to be a techy without help so we figured out something we are gonna do that should remedy that without making life harder on anyone. (This time  Razz )

Now I do appreciate the suggestions as im sure promo does as well so dont be disheartened that we arent behind them. If at somepoint promo feels the need for more ranks can definately revist this idea and see where it goes from there.
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PostSubject: Re: Handfull of ideas   

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Handfull of ideas
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