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 Best moments of your characters.

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PostSubject: Best moments of your characters.   Thu Mar 20, 2014 3:27 am

Hi there.

I decided that it would be interesting to talk about everyone's character best moments, List them all here...No really specific description required but the title of the moments is required. I'll begin:

  • Blizzard's return as Mecha. Wipe 1
  • Blizzard Vs Jaison the legendary super saiyan. Wipe 1
  • The galactic tournament hosted by Ghanu. Wipe 1.
  • Kilan going SSJ after getting revived which occured like an hour after death oocly. Wipe 2.

More moments will be added as i play and feel epic.

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PostSubject: Re: Best moments of your characters.   Thu Mar 20, 2014 7:00 pm



  • Getting married to Mika
  • Tricking the DL into giving his amulet to him
  • Ryim tossing me spk at year 1 saying 'at least he knows how to do it.' (amusingly enough was not going for the rank that wipe)
  • Mindraping people into ssj


  • Became elite ssj at year 30 to prove it was possible
  • United the universe as KoV (without force)
  • Destroyed the universe as KoA (with force)
  • Became self proclaimed 'lsnj' strongest character in the wipe as namekian
  • Killed off the kaio's as a demon
  • Created the band 'metalocalypse' in tribute to the show with a bunch of other players as demons
  • Was a lssj that remained a viable villain for the entire wipe
  • Made an entire universe think he was friendly despite blowing up several planets as KoA
  • Pantsed the demon lord with time freeze
  • Pantsed a whole lot of other people with time freeze

Chilling Ice:

  • Remained dominant villain for entire wipe, having 8 bill bp at the end
  • Predicted his right hand man would betray him and used him as a distraction to blow up his home world
  • Fought a ssj3 and still had the edge
  • Died to a ssj3+final flash, can't get a much more awesome death then that.
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PostSubject: Re: Best moments of your characters.   Fri Mar 21, 2014 7:22 am

Ranko Himura:

  • Became SSJ after seeing her romantic intrest be thrown in a lake and having both knees crushed.

  • Died, gained the DL's trust, betrayed to save friend.

  • Revived by SPK and had youth restored.

  • Gained a 2nd demonic personality due to DL's parting gift.

  • Reache SSJ2 after learning how to reenter her SSJ form.

Ranko Tendo:

  • Born mute, died at the age of 4 via explosion.

  • Was cured of muteness and made techy of SPK then revived and sent back to homeworld.

  • Became wife of Crane hermit, and mother. Husband died defending earth, child killed himself playing with gravity machine.

  • Became Crane hermit and defended earth from crazed SSJ while not acsended.

  • ICly people believed she could kill them in 74 different ways.


  • Ever single wipe, period, she was epic always.


  • First step into SPK due to Promotheus refusing it. Cleaned up heaven, sealed it, appointed 2 human guardians, routed demons from LR.

  • Became less friendly after seeing potential love intrest killed, never trusted demons again after.
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Sergiy Monomyth

Sergiy Monomyth

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PostSubject: Re: Best moments of your characters.   Fri Jul 11, 2014 8:30 am


Fought a Changeling, And Killed it. Then Died by a DL.


Maya Nonomyth:

Was a Lowly Demon

Eventually Became Demon Lord

Came to Earth Made a Scroll pop out of her ass as seeding ground for Life force Draining

Came to Spawn Challenged Strongest Human, Kicked his ass. Only to Died by a Basic

Project Zen:


Mentally Unstable Programming

Sold Tech, was the cheapest seller in tech and under priced all his items ridiculing Gravities. HAd about 100m In bank. Had Lots of Customers.

Killed by Ryim's Character only to Gain DZ and Rebuilt.

Came back Stronger then ever after few years give or take at the end of wipe. Kicked a LSSJ in combat and a LSSJ in his form, Without getting any damage.
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King Zelda

King Zelda

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PostSubject: Hmm.   Fri Jul 11, 2014 9:31 am

1. Played a Saiyan Elite who was killed as a Baby. Spent 58 Years Icly training with the Kaioshins. Basically a Goku type.
2.Lived to be like 118 icly before i even hit decline. Ended with wipe stuck at around 380 mill bp.
3. Had West Kaio training by Prometheus. Learned Unleash Rage.Took me 15 ic years to Fully master my traning ( self rp, along with Rp with promo ) to earn the ability.
4. First and only wipe i survived without dying.
1. Played a Tuffle. was really weak but i didnt let that stop me. Changlings came at year 20 something. At first we hated them, but icly my tuffle bowed down to him. ( Pinecone ). Ajc was the QOV and she got fed up with his shit, and was going to kill him in the Saiyan Barracks. But i grabbed him and escaped at the last second, to protect him, because icly we became friends and less of my " Boss " .
2. Slowly became evil. started to help the changlings blow up other places. We got rid of vegeta. and The Kaioshins trained up the warriors we had killed, for an attack. We knew our time was running out, so i Cyborged Pinecone. He jumped from 12 mill something, to around 313 mill. and for the next 30-40 ic years we stayed alive, untill we got killed by some saiyans while we were in hell. My character icly got sent to the deadzone. and that was pretty much it.
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Tis But A Scratch
I'm Contributing!
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PostSubject: Re: Best moments of your characters.   Sat Sep 06, 2014 10:36 pm

One of my best moments in recent years has to be Darth Eissburg in general. Spent a lot of time sitting around sending minions around killing everyone and didn't have to lift a finger. My favorite kind of villains. Finally I almost died and got my ass saved by a split second save from Sage, in which I borged combining my guy's tech with his own, becoming insanely powerful and able to not only create the Super Saiyans for that wipe, but put them all in their place. Also, another fun part was teaming up with one of the Super Saiyans to stop the LSS of that wipe. Speaking of combining me and Sage's tech, probably hands down my favorite thing about that wipe was technobabbling all of my Cryonium stuff. Shit was insanely detailed and I was proud of myself for it.
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PostSubject: Re: Best moments of your characters.   

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Best moments of your characters.
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