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 Achievements List

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PostSubject: Achievements List   Sat Sep 06, 2014 12:40 pm

This is where achievements will be kept up to date, undecided if this will be retro-active or not yet, though personally I wouldn't of thought so as it'd be hard to be certain of what people have done in the past. Names will be placed under the medal when Admin's have deemed them to of unlocked said achievement, players will also be able to choose their top ten favourite medals to be added to their profile, which will show up beside posts. On top of that, there will also be some completion medals for every 25% of the achievements unlocked. These achievements will be split in to three categories, General for the pretty basic ones, Rare for achievements specific to rare races and Hard for ones that are tougher to collect. More may be added at a later date. Be sure to tell an admin when you unlock an achievement,as well as your forum name, in case it goes by unnoticed. If it isn't possible at the time, try to keep hold of some proof for a later date. You can head here for any suggestions and/or queries.

Names in red denote no forum account, thus their key is used as the name.


(Braniac - Unlocked via tech level and IC accomplishments.)

FullMetalValchemist | Mika_Rurikishin

(War Monger - Unlocked by playing a character who instigated/participated actively in warfare at every chance.)

(RP Expert - Unlocked by having a very authentic roleplay performance in the dbz world.)

(Touch of Evil - Unlocked by playing a significant villain that lasted for atleast one arc/saga.)

(Wish Granted - Unlocked by using the dragonballs in a wipe)


(All The Time In The World - Unlocked by training in the HBTC for the full allowed duration.)

(Selfless - Unlocked by bringing others RP as an event character.)

(NeverEnding Story - Unlocked by getting reincarnated.)

FighterOfSwords | FullMetalValchemist | Gokugita | Taro_Ryo |  No Name James

(Stubborn - Unlocked by being revived.)

(Planet Buster - Unlocked by destroying a planet, by means other than the might tree.)


(Fruit of the Gods - Unlocked by planting and eating a Might Fruit)

Stronger Together - Unlocked by fusing with another player, via dance or potara.)

(Ki Prodigy - Unlocked by reaching the target of 1000 ki manipulation.)

Mika_Rurikishin | No Name James | Piconoe | Sir Jake

(What Has Science Done!? - Unlocked by creating, then being killed by a Bebi.)

(Wielding A Legend - Unlocked via owning and wielding a relic.)

(Billionaire - Unlocked by your wealth hitting 1 billion zenni.)

FullMetalValchemist | Jaison15 | Mika_Rurikishin | Sir Jake

(For The Greater Good - Unlocked by intentionally taking an attack for an ally, and dying in the process.)

(Krillin - Unlocked by your death directly contributing towards someone going ssj, atleast in death you served a purpose.)


(Usurper of The Throne - Unlocked by taking down the ruler of your race and claiming the position for yourself.)


(Creeper- Unlocked by killing atleast one person via self destruct.)


(I'm Contributing! - Unlocked by submitting a story.)

Ajc23 | FighterOfSwords | FullMetalValchemist | Hyperlot | Josh1220 | Mika_Rurikishin | No Name James | Piconoe | Promotheus | Sir Jake | TheLoneWolfer | Wabbage | Zygman

(Universal Dictator - Unlocked by conquering three or more planets.)

(Cyberman - Unlocked by being turned in to a Cyborg.)


(Tis But A Scratch - Unlocked by living through being caught in the radius of a self destruct.)

FighterOfSwords | Piconoe | TheLoneWolfer | Zygman

(Sensei - Unlocked by fully training two students as the Turtle/Crane Hermit or Drunken Master.)

(Reboot - Unlocked by being rebuilt by the Android Ship after being killed in an RP fight.)


(One of A Kind - Unlocked by playing a rare.)


(Respect Your Elders - Unlocked by conquering Namek with an Ancient Namekian.)


(Hivemind - Unlocked by infecting five other people as a Bebi.)

(Unbreakable - Unlocked by defeating three or more super Saiyans at the same time as an Lssj.)

(Perfection - Unlocked by achieving perfect form as a Bio Android.)

(Worthy Challenge - Unlocked by taking on and absorbing an ssj3, as a Majin.)

(The Original - Unlocked by seizing control of bother the living realm and afterlife, whilst playing as an Ancient.)


(Maintaining The Balance - Unlocked by filling out all four Cardinal rank's and RPly sealing Hell, whilst holding the Supreme Kai rank.)

(I Fear No Golden Monkey - Unlocked by killing a super Saiyan as a Changeling before year 40.)

(No-Lifer - Unlocked by being able create six or more doubles, using the Splitform technique.)


(Saiyan Master - Unlocked by reaching all forms of super Saiyan in a wipe.)

(Gokunub - Unlocked by getting Kamehameha, Solar Flare, Body Expand, Kienzan, Kaioken,  
Spiritbomb, Shunkan Ido, Potara fusion and Shield, on a low class Saiyan.)

(Manipulator - Unlocked by causing the universe to end as the Demon Lord, without ever revealing your presence directly or indirectly via enslavement.)

(The Final Frontier - Unlocked by creating the space cruiser.)


(No Time To Explain! - Unlocked by having a spacepod with over 250 speed.)

FullMetalValchemist | Mika_Rurikishin | Promotheus

(Designer - Unlocked by making icons for the game.)

BuahahaImRaditz | Promotheus | Rydah_KC | Piconoe | Ranko| Ajc23

(The Alpha - Unlocked by being the first super Saiyan of the wipe, not including LSSJ.)


(Nameks Pride - Unlocked by reaching the level of ascended super Namekian.)

No Name James | Sir Jake

(Ascended - Unlocked by opening your third eye chakra naturally, as a Human.)

FighterOfSwords |  No Name James

(Doppelganger - Unlocked by imitating someone, killing them and taking their place ICly without anyone noticing.)

(Galactic Guardian - Unlocked by being Mystified by a Kaio.)

(Essential Pawn - Unlocked by receiving the Seal of the Demon Lord.)


(Goo Goo Gah Gah - Unlocked by having your youth restored by the Supreme Kai. baby)

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Achievements List
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