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 Copywrite and change Log Announcement

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Copywrite and change Log Announcement Empty
PostSubject: Copywrite and change Log Announcement   Copywrite and change Log Announcement I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 25, 2015 8:31 am

As some of you have already realised Encore has been copywrite flagged, Funimation is striking hard at all dbz based games and is no longer satisfied with just having them off the grid. To counter this we have decided that we're going to move away from the dbz theme in a way they probably don't expect: We're going to base our game off of what db and dbz is based on. Dragonball Encore will be renamed to "Journey to the West: Awakening". Content in the game will be renamed to avoid further copywrite issues but we'll remain as close to the source as possible.

We are, however, still available for play! You can join us here: byond://

We have prepared an example to demonstrate what we're planning to do:

Archon racial desc:
Descendents from Sun Wukong, the legendary monkey king. The Archon have lost many of the divine abilities Sun Wukong posessed over the eons and even their origin is no longer known to them, they do however still posess many aspects of the monkey king. The Archon relish in combat and love a challenging fight above all else, during the full moon they can channel the power within their blood and take on the form of their ancestors avatar. In this transformed state the Archon turn into gigantic apes, the smallest of which standing roughly as tall as a mountain. Archon are born without fur and look completely humanoid, the only thing hinting towards their divine heritage is the monkey tail each Archon is born with. This tail in turn is essential for turning into their avatar form and losing ones tail is considered to be one of the greatest disgraces an Archon can receive. Archon society seperates Archon into three different classes via a caste system, in order from the highest to lowest these are: Ascended Archons, Initiated Archons and Aspiring Archons. An Archon that becomes particularly powerful can unlock the secret powers that dwell within their ancient bloodline, however such Archons are considered but a thing of legend, no evidence of one exists or has been discovered.

Class choice:

Ascended  Archons: The Ascended Archons are the truely blessed members of Archon society, they are born stronger then their lesser counterparts and their strong connection to their ancestor allows them to have full control of their avatar state right off the bat. Ascended Archons are extremely arrogant and rarely bother with Aspiring Archons directly, often treating them as garbage or worse. Ascended Archons have to work hardest to unlock the secrets of their bloodline but the rewards are well worth the effort.

Initiated Archons: The Loyal Archons are born with less power then their ascended brethren and their bloodline is isn't as strong to Sun Wukong as that of the Ascended Archons. That said Initiated Archons posses great strength and a far more level head then Ascended Archons, allowing them to be more flexible and tactical in combat. Due to the weaker connection to their bloodline Initiated Archons have a hard time controling their avatar state and will get overwhelmed by the power surging through them if not properly trained and guided through the transformation, they gain power at a slower rate then Ascended Archons but have an easier time unlocking the secrets of their bloodline.

Aspiring  Archons: The underdogs of the Archon race, aspiring Archons are born with the least power and arn't even considered to have enough pure blood flowing through them to be counted as an Archon. They do however get the chance to prove themselves and if an Aspiring  Archon manages to pass this test they generaly get accepted as a member of the Initiated Archon caste. Aspiring Archons are the least in tune with their bloodline and get overwhelmed instantly the moment they enter their avatar state, while it is possible for them to gain control of this state it generaly takes a lot of effort. Destiny however favor the underdogs and Sun Wukong weakest descendants are no exception. Aspiring Archons have the easiest time unlocking the secrets of their bloodline, assuming one lives long enough to find out.

We know this change is sudden and we're all here because we love dragonball z, probably more then is healthy Wink but the changes will bring some good things aswell. The biggest one would be that we'll be able to get back on the hub again and attract more players for our game, when the changes go live please help us welcome new players to our midst and help them feel at home.

Rest assured that the planned update described below will still take place! We're still considering names for different races and skills so feel free to suggest names you think are fitting and for what they should be used in the suggestion thread!

Along with our new update a few things have been changed to better your playing experience! We thought you would like to know just what is going down with our updates by providing a nifty change log. :3

1. Capped Power Control at 200%
2. Reïmplemented spk planet energy recov boost
3. King of Arconia can now create punching bags
4. Regenerate now drains energy instead of powering you down
5. Safety net has been implemented for regen/recov mods, it's now impossible to get a lower then 1 in these 2
6. Sizes have been rebalanced, larges are more viable now then they were and smalls have been scaled to fit other roles more properly.
7. Starter boosts have been coded in and apply to zenni, energy, stats and bp based on what year it is
8. Lifts have been reduced. For the same amount of str and end you now have a lower lift. This has no actual effects other then limiting inflation.
9. Ranked weights have been capped off at 10'000 pounds rather then the 100'000 pounds they used to be able to make.
10. Androids can now learn the shield technique
11. Power Control will be learned once a character hits a certain ki manip req, it is no longer randomly learned.
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Copywrite and change Log Announcement
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