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 An Ancient Chaos and The Android Threat!

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An Ancient Chaos and The Android Threat! Empty
PostSubject: An Ancient Chaos and The Android Threat!   An Ancient Chaos and The Android Threat! I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 01, 2015 2:57 pm

Year -156/0 - The forces of Chaos

A large fissure appeared in the air above earth, a demonic creature appearing from within. Lylith, chaos incarnate had been traveling across the dimensions and now had arrived here. After observing the planet for a bit the demonness rolled her eyes, barely resisting the temptation to facepalm and said: "What a dull place, let's stir things up a bit." With a wave of her hand reality altered, seperating loved ones from eachother and their homes, spreading the races across the galaxy once more. The memory and offspring of the original races was wiped clean and replaced with memories that would fit their new homes. "There, much better. It'll be amusing to see them fight eachother again." Lylith raised her right hand to her mouth and let out a loud laugh, torturing her Jaison doll with her other and feeling very satisfied about her handiwork. What will result from Lyliths meddling with the living realm in this dimension? Only time will tell.

Year 9 Month 4: Mechanical Onslaught

Roughly a decade ago the mothership registered a surge of reality warping magick spreading across the universe at an alarming pace, altering reality somewhat randomly wherever it passed. When the surge of magick arived at the mothership, it failed to effect the mechanical station. The mothership had been able to shield itself from the effects a mear fraction of a second before it had been to late. Since that moment the mothership had been creating a series of droids to go out into the universe and further its goals. The dark corridors of the space station revealed a gargantuan, hulk-esque silhouette and a lithe silhouette, seemingly communicating in some fashion. A door opened and the two silhouettes turned to face it, a monstrous looking machine grinned at them, the markings "EC-01" marked on the right side of its chestchasis. "It's time we get ready." it said, the two silhouettes followed their commander, preparing for their coming mission.

Year 40 Month 0 - Resistance is futile

It had been a good amount of years since the mothership had produced three androids with it's goals imbeded in their programing. The trio had kept a low profile in the years that followed, working behind the scenes and going mostly unnoticed...Until now. The lush planet of Namek started shaking violently, cracks appearing across the entire homeworld of the namekian race. A liquid metal sustance oozed out of the cracks, converting the entire landscape into a metalic wasteland. A large portion of the namekian race got covered by the metalic ooze, some died, a few escaped but most of them were converted, changed into robotic creatures with no free will to speak of. Was this the fate for the universe that the mothership had planned for it? Only time will tell.

Year 60 Month 0 - Metalocalypse

Three pods descended on Arconia, carrying the three androids that had converted Namek into a large metal marble.  A local warrior by the name of Nexus Xylion ran into one of the machine, however when his best flirting attempts failed he had to conclude that what he was dealing with could not possibly be organic. The large colossus that was B.R.U.T.E arrived second, shortly followed by EC-01.  Once the plans of the machines was made clear Nexus took it onto himself to save his homeworld and end their robotic threat, starting with the biggest of all of them.

The fight was short lived and it soon became obvious to a half dead Nexus that perhaps attacking a huge walking hulk of metal in close melee combat might not have been the best idea he had ever had. The Arconian however refused to give up and with his last moments fired off several ki attacks towards the gargantuan monstrosity. The ki managed to hit several weakspots in B.R.U.T.Es armor, causing the goliath to sustain noticeable damage. Nexus' satisfaction was shortlived however, as the Arconian warrior was soon taken apart molecule by molecule by the many nanobots that constructed the giant android, using his energy to fuel the infernal machine.

With the Arconian warrior dispatched of the trio resumed their original goal and soon the entire planet had become a metal wasteland as Namek had become before it.

Year 73 Month 0 - From bad to worse

It had been several years since the three droids of the mothership had converted another planet into a metalic wasteland to be used for resources by the giant mobile spacestation but once more the universe was about to be thrown into turmoil. This time the three androids arrived on the changeling planet, a frozen wasteland mostly devoid of life save one or two speciments of the native species known as 'changelings'.

Daradul Rtezaluz, strongest of the changelings, stood as the planets defending champion once he heard the plans of the malicious androids. To ensure a quick victory the changeling showed why his species was called as such and transformed into a second, more powerful form. With a loud roar the changeling rushed towards the leader of the thee androids, initiating their glorious bout for the fate of the world. Roughly three seconds and six punches later Daradul was laying on the floor, beaten and bruised by the android he had endeavored to stop.

The three androids leaned over towards the changeling, their shadows slowly enveloping him. Several hours later Daradul was still alive, though he had drasticaly changed. "Systems activated" the words came out of his mouth so easely, he hadn't even thought about it. The changeling slowly stood up, looking around it became clear he was surrounded by his three friends, his allies. The three were no longer three, but four. Later that day the changeling planet fell victim to the same fate that had fallen Namek and Arconia before it, it was now little more then a metalic wasteland devoid of life.

Year 75 Month 0 - A Mobile Threat

With several planets converted into resources ready to be harvested by the mothership, the mechanical AI finaly had enough to execute one of it's higher priority objectives. The mothership chose BRUTE to execute it's mission, a task which the gargantuan android accepted without objection.  

The colossus gathered the vast amount of resources and, with the financing of EC-01's treasury, managed to produce everything it needed to start it's project. Several weeks later BRUTE finaly finished it's huge undertaking. The giant colossus dusted it's hands and looked up..and up..and up..A gargantuan spaceship, the likes of which even surpassed the android mothership by far, loomed over the giant android.

The androids boarded and uploaded the AI of the mothership to it's database, providing a new safe haven from which they could continue their assault on the last two inhabited planets in the universe.

Year 81 Month 10 - The Fall of the Saiyan Race

It was a quiet day on planet Vegeta, the saiyan race had mostly minded its own business since the universe began and had very little contact with the other worlds in the universe. Due to this lack of communication however they were unaware for the android threat...and very unprepared.

A small eleven year old saiyan boy stood as the planets sole defender as the deadly machines approached, mear moments later the child lay dead on the ground; decapitated. The planet had already started its conversion during the fight, initiated by EC-01 while BRUTE took care of the child. The largest of the androids wrapped the childs tail around the head, mimicing the visual effect of a bow on a present, and sent it towards the exact location of a saiyan on Earth by the name of Zaix. Informing them that they would be the next to fall.

Year 83 Month 6 - The Passing of a Queen

In an effort to investigate the source of the spacepod that delivered a Saiyan child's head onto her front steps, the Wolf Spider Queen Mika Rurikishin had taken flight to the planet Vegeta. In her younger years she had been known as a powerful hero and fearless fighter, a technological guru that had dreams of defending the entire galaxy! However.. with the onslaught of the Android Fleet spreading across the stars it was only a matter of time before these two immense powers came into contact with one another.

With the planet Vegeta's surface completely overtaken by the corruption of the machine creature's terraforming and thousands of mechanical zombies roaming about in search of the last remaining survivors to convert.. Mika found herself overwhelmed. Old age had taken it's toll on the once powerful fighter and without the strength to fight back she was torn apart by the android abominations. Gone missing in action, she would never make it home to tell Zaix of her discoveries.

Year 90 Month 1 - Deadly Power Struggle!

Mother's Forces had arrived on Earth with EC-01, Aya, and B.R.U.T.E tracking down the Saiyan known as Zaix. Once they had made themselves known Zaix wasted little time in engaging in battle starting off with the Android Commander himself, EC-01. The battle was one-sided as they had prior knowledge of his combat style due to the encounter with Mika leading the Saiyan to countless missed strikes and being tossed around.

With a divine intervention at hand Nexus appeared with a new and improved body taking back his fight with B.R.U.T.E after the mechanization of the Planet Arconia. After being tossed around by B.R.U.T.E, Nexus was victorius blasting the Android into nothingness only to be killed once more by the overwhelming power of Aya. During the battle Zaix had been forced to watch the encounter that Mika Rurikishin the previous Spider Clan Queen had endured on the planet Vegeta. This caused a trigger, a snap from someone that had grew close with him erupting in a golden aura with blonde hair. With the dramatic change in appearance there also was a dramatic change in power placing him at an equal stance.

Once EC-01 had seen why Mother considered Saiyan's a threat he assimilate the parts of B.R.U.T.E that were left over and the two began battle on another level. This is when the the Turle Hermit Lera had engaged in the battle with Aya being beaten by a Ki blast once and healed by a strange boy known as Mephisto. In a rage Aya had over-powered herself to dangerous degrees once again confronting the Turtle Hermit killing her this bout. The young boy who had healed the woman was punched into the depths of the sea.

Meanwhile, Zaix and EC-01 had upgraded to using dangerous weapons instead of their fists for their continuing fight.  This left Zaix with the two dangerous beings soon EC-01 called Aya to take in the fight for him. In only a matter of seconds and exchange of blows with Zaix's blades and Aya's Ki-blade leaving her in a Critical stance to implode on herself.

Once again, EC-01 had take up Aya's remains assimilating it and taking it to a whole new level of power. Within a matter of moments a power had grew and manifested within the being until it unleashed a massive destructive ball. In a single swoop the Android had wiped itself out as well as the Super Saiyan Zaix.. Destroying the entire planet.

The explosion consumed the entire Earth, wiping out all life on it's surface and crushing the tiny ball of dust into oblivion. Their orders had been followed through. Destroy subjects of interest.. At any cost.

Year 100 - One Terror Byte

Previously our heroes on Earth had encountered a threat that had taken over so many worlds that few believed it would ever be stopped!

And they were right to be afraid!

Shortly after the destruction of Earth at the peak of the heated battle between the Saiyan Warrior Wolf Spider King Zaix and the group of Androids sent out by "Mother" the universe seemed to be at peace. It was believed that with the android threat finally destroyed that the planets would begin to return to their natural states. However, as the years passed and the metal surfaces of the worlds that had been captured remained.. hope was gradually lost. The survivors of the machine plague had begun to fall complacent in their lives and attempt to co-exist with the robotic zombie slaves that had once been their brothers and sisters.

In the aftermath of the Android Commander's explosion, a small life form yet remained. With the infusion of the units Aya, and B.R.U.T.E.. it seemed that 'Mother' had a plan to back up it's initial invasion! Their energy, their strength, their cunning.. In EC's final moments an abundance of energy was built up and released! This was thought to be an attack.. at first. It was actually the result of a final program being run. A small orb in it's body that contained a single cell, modified, improved upon.. perfected. The power that was being forced into this microscopic unit caused it to grow so rapidly that the inner core of it's android carrier was no longer able to contain it! In a blinding flash that ended the battle and destroyed the earth a new form of life was born. A small Byte of living tissue that needed more. More data. More tissue. More.. power.

Year 102 Month 9 - The Watcher in the West

A change is made in the universe! The Supreme Kai promoted a Kaio to be the Guardian of not one, but TWO planets. With these planets under his watchful eyes, the new West Kai stood tall and took on the responsibility of all those lives. With that, the balance had once again been restored, where it had been offset by the actions of the Demons. The existance of the Demon Lord and his Commander had damaged the balance, there being only the Supreme Kai to maintain it. But now that he had promoted this Kaio to the Cardinal status, the balance was restored. A new hope springing forth for prosperity and protection.

Year 104 Month 8 - A chaotic confrontation, Bytes grand entrance!

All was peaceful on Vegeta, as the Saiyans were slowly rebuilding from the metalization of their planet. Zafu was labeled the 'King' of Saiyans, although he better liked to think of himself as more of a leader. Recommendations from some Saiyans gave him the idea of opening up a training facility. All in all, things were going fine...until a fight occured between Zafu and Fluke. Letus eventually came in as a support, and a two versus one battle ensued, Zafu and Letus being on the same side.

As the battle progressed, it became evident that for the most part the battle was even! However it was soon apparent that Fluke was steadily losing ground, resulting in her unleashing her full power. Zafu responded to this change by blowing out the ceiling, which resulted in both Zafu and Letus turning into the Oozaru form.

Two punches later, Fluke was down..but during that time Byte had blasted a hole through the room, introducing itself as a lunch-wanting creature! For the most part, Byte was passive until Letus was thrown into her.  She went beserk on each and every single one of them, and even in their Oozaru forms Letus and Zafu proved no match. Zafu falling to mysterious creature, he warned both Letus and Ruro to run, flee. By this point, Fluke was already gone and had escaped. Letus heeded his advice, but Ruro decided to get out of hiding under the table. Begging the creature not to kill Zafu, the creature ended it's hostility..mostly. The creature instead took a byte(pun intended) from Zafu's tail, turning it into a shrunken and useless thing, which was promptly crushed into a nice powder. Offering a crown that would signify him ruling Vegeta he took it, all the while explaining a tournament that would involve all the fighters from all over the galaxy!

Clearly, the destruction of the robots did not stop events like this from happening. But one thing did come from this.

A war was approaching, and it was bound to be a chaotic and even more destructive struggle than the one that had happened before.

Year 105 Month 10 - A Miracle Occurs!

The Namekian Elder after having poured over the texts of his predeccesor finally found a way to restore his world, though he had known it only as it was he dreamed of the world his predeccesors words in the book painted in his mind. Gathering allies and working feverishly he did as his predeccesors words instructed and commenced the ritual to bring forth the dragon of legend.

As the ancient creature came to this world it summoned forth clounds of darkness to blot out the light, its hulking figure towering above he who had summoned it. It altered its shape to that of a child for some unkown reason then gave the one who had summoned it three wishes, with the first of them the universe was restored to its former glory, the second wish freed the slaves of the machines. Meanwhile a spectator had asked the elder if she could make a wish aswell, which the elder refused. The spectator was saddened by this and muttered what she would've wished for if given the chance, hoping that the elder would change it's mind. The ancient creature before them however saw this muttering as the third wish and granted it.

Having granted all three wishes, the dragon in childlike form disbursts sending the orbs used in the ritual to random locations on the world leaving behind a surprised wish thief and an angry Elder.

Year 111 Month 8 - Missing a thumb, the Valour Force's final search!

Ever since learning of the peril that threatened the planet Vegeta, and indeed the universe in full, a small, slimey Arconian hatched a plan to make a difference. He'd form an elite group of warriors, made up of the strongest beings from all corners of the galaxy.

Upon his ship recieving an upgrade from a new friend, the peculiar creature would set off to a far away planet, following a large energy signature he had picked up on. There he'd meet his unknowing Vice-captain to be, in the form of an incredibly strong fighter who shared a similar amount of power to his own, and who instantly earned respect from the wad of goo after a planet redecorating fight.

The Arconian's very own sister was also a shoo in for the team, she didn't even need to be approached. (Not that the others were given much of a choice anywho) Though it was after landing on planet Vegeta the group would grow in size once more in the form of a rather surprising addition. Despite the new recruit having a quite obvious (To anyone but the Arconian) beef with a certain hopeful future member, and true leader of the Vegetarians.

The fist of justice now had it's four fingers, but the thumb was still to be decided, would it be the current trialist, or would a new unsuspecting being be thrust in to membership by the gooey, green fighter, just like the others that had come before them?*~

Year 114, Month 9 - The End of a Commander, The Rise of a Lord

Disaster loomed over the planet of Vegeta once again... Not from plot, or of plan, but of simple circumstance and hatred. Between a half-saiyan up-and-coming hero, Zafu, and the Demon Commander, as well as newest member of the Valour Force (Good luck figuring that out)  known as Fluke throughout her travels. What had begun a simple 'visit' turned to bloodshed when the long-standing rivalry came to blows once again. Each time they'd fought before, it had been a brutal affair that often ended with narrow escape or survival on either side. But this time was far different.

Each boasting their power, and each announcing their hatred for one-another, the battle was savage, but short, coming to an end with a clash of energy that could be felt and seen for miles... But what the demon had in pure, raw power, she lacked in technique, falling to the Saiyan's most powerful attack when lured into testing her might against it in a foolish display of arrogance. And by the night's end, her head was taken, armor and axe trophies of the grand battle and improbable victory the half-saiyan had boldly claimed.

Still, this would only give rise to looming consequences on the horizon, and potential doom for the entire planet. For the demoness had long been content with her own power and own personal satisfaction, the saiyans had been the first to truly draw upon her rage and drive her to become the deadly, cruel force so many assumed she was. And so, leaving behind ties and potential reconciliation with the Kaios, for both her and species... She chooses revenge. And now, Zafu and his loyal comrades and rivals must be on guard forevermore, as the eye of the new Demon Lord focuses solely on them.

What plots would she set in motion? What would she be willing to give up for her decades-old feud with Zafu himself and his entire species? And could the newly-crowned Demon Lord Fluke overcome the weakness of death to rise up once more?
Only time would tell.

Year 140 - Month 0 Ill tidings, a demon lord denied!

A dark portal had torn itself through the air on the planet Vegeta as a shadowy figure stepped through. This figure was none other than the Demon Lord herself, a female named Fluke, who was accompanied by her daughter, Crystal Gem, and one of the citizens of Hell, a half-breed named Aros. Their mission to destroy Zafu, the current King of Vegeta, had brought them to a stronghold on the southeast sector of the planet, and they were all too willing to destroy the entire planet for their meansc That is, until a Saiyan named Letus stepped forward, giving them the opportunity they needed.

"Deliver Zafu to us" was the deal they had attempted to strike with the young Saiyan, though Letus was unwilling to comply, despite the incredibly high power levels of the Demon Lord and her companions. He powered himself down to his lowest possible level, preparing to take a devastating attack When Zafu stepped out of the stronghold, with comedically perfect timing.

A battle began among the members gathered there, and each one of them fought to their last breath. Aros was knocked unconscious by Letus, who had channeled his powerful Oozaru form, but Fluke was quick and ready to prevent him from finishing off his foe. Zafu had been knocked out by Crystal Gem... and the King's energies were eventually absorbed by the being, his soul making its way to the afterlife.

Fluke was intent on destroying Letus, the Saiyan who had nearly killed one of her teammates and who had also sided with Zafu until Solandros, the mighty Saiyan warrior, had also exited the stronghold, unwittingly defusing the entire situation by turning the entire battle - or the aftermath, at least, after Zafu's death - into a game comprised of friendly matches.

As Fluke and her companions eventually left, just barely having been persuaded not to destroy the entire planet, she arrived back in the Afterlife, ready to receive the soul of Zafu who was nowhere to be found. The West Kai, a man by the name of Nareno Sakano, had taken the spirit to the land of Heaven before Fluke could even return to the Checkpoint, constructing a barrier to keep Demons and their allied souls from entering Heaven.

Tensions were brewing between the Kais and the Demons, and it seemed as though one uncertain factor would be likely to make all the difference, an Ancient being known as Elyvia. Would the Afterlife be the same after all that had taken place? Would the planet Vegeta be safe from Fluke's wrath? Only time would tell...

Year 140 - The Unusual Savior and A True Hero

In the early hours of the morning a strange rumbling tore across Vegeta. The Bio-Android Byte had landed once more and aimed to make true of it's threats to blow up the planet and destroy every single life that it supported! It began casually at first. A surge of power that only seemed to grow with each passing moment. Soon an orb of energy would burst through the roof of the Palace and stretch ever skyward, it's ominous presence striking fear into the hearts of all that noticed it's coming. Several eager natives aimed to strike out at the beast, attempting in vain to stop it from claiming their homeland.

However, despite the saiyan's attempts and all the charging that Byte had done, it had not gone unnoticed until this point. It was then that the demon Crystal Gem appeared through a rift in time and space itself! And it's very first move upon showing up was to plant it's fist into Byte's face with a loud cry of "BYYYTEEE!"

However, despite the Demon's power matching that of Byte's, Byte was simply too tough. The attack did nothing but make Byte laugh, the two of them had a staredown and a clash of morals. Byte felt she should let Vegeta get destroyed, afterall, her mother Fluke had expressed many times over that she felt great distaste for the Saiyans. Gem however refused to back down. Instead she respondely calmly with her own rare opinion. She had grown attached to Vegeta and it's inhabitants, and wouldn't sacrifice them so easily.

Byte however didn't agree with this assessment and let the attack fly. Gem then expanded herself, her form changing even as the attack flew into her so called 'True Strength Form'. And even as the giant ball of ki and destruction, strong enough to wipe out the whole planet came flying closer, she did not flinch, instead, Gem dove against the attack! She clashed with it, using her body as a shield, to shield Vegeta from the worst of it, the titanic clash shaking the foundations of the entire planet!

Just as it seemed the ball was going to throw Gem over and destroy the entire planet, she decided to up the ante, and put her life on the line. Using her own ki she forcibly drew it into her chest, and compressed it with as much ki as she could muster, and then in that single move, crushed it in her arms, letting it explode directly into her chest under her arms, not letting the planet feel the destuction that instead tore her body appart.

Once the light had faded, Gem was a bloody mess, on the verge of death, and Byte mocked her for it, howeever, two saiyans understood the significance of what Gem had done, and started to distract Byte. Byte at that point, took a moment to pause and instead exterminate the two saiyans, before turning back to Gem, however she was already gone. While Byte was distracted with the saiyans, Gem had used the last of her energy to flee the planet in her damaged state, bringing herself to escape.

It was at that point, the true hero of the hour, Letus, arrived. A true hero with a shining golden aura and wild blonde hair. The time had come that he finally put a stop to Byte! With a furious flare of energy the Final Flash technique began to charge.. and in a surge of deadly power the beam seared forth toward the Biomechanical beast. Completely by coincidence, the Saiyans that had chosen to provoke Byte had finally earned their due reward! With a single step and a blast of it's own ki, both of the poor innocent lives were wiped out and that hopeful finnishing blow that Letus so yearned to deliver sailed past harmlessly. Leaving behind nothing but a smoking crater and Byte standing lightly on it's edge, unscathed.

Devastated that his attack had missed and that Abraxas and Letticia were lost in the process, Letus and Arlic were allowed to escape with a final few words in passing from the monster.

There would be no more warnings. Cowardice was natural to these people. It was pathetic and no perfection could come of their shameful actions! Byte gave the final ultimatum for the people of Planet Vegeta. Become powerful enough to pose a challenge, or die. Their planet was the prize. If they failed, Byte would destroy their entire way of life. Once and for all.

Year 150 Month 0 - Zero Tolerance

After the Demonlord and her entourage decided it was time to take down Heaven and overthrow the supreme kaio Elyvia, the latter decided that enough was enough. Elyvia had been far to tolerant of the demons and their ilk, doing whatever they wanted and messing up the very fabric of reality by constantly messing with the afterlife and living realm.

To put an end to this and the 'invasion' of Heaven she decided the potara earrings, relics from ancient times past, would be enough to deal with the situation. The supreme kaio took Zaix, the original super saiyan, with her to her planet, leaving the inhabitants of Heaven and the cardinals to fend off the demons.

Zaix was briefed on the situation, given the now activated potara earrings and sent off towards the living realm with the last of Elyvia's strength. Zaix noticed that the Supreme kaio was using all her powers to fuel this process and realised the importance of the situation. Once he arrived on Vegeta Zaix swiftly set out to find the strongest presence he could, which happened to be Solandros.

The two saiyans had only briefly met in the past but considered eachother worthy warriors and had earned eachothers respect. After some explaining Solandros reluctantly agreed to giving Zaix his strength and thus the two fused, becoming the most powerful saiyan to have ever walked on Vegeta: Zairos

Year 158 Month 0 - A light in the dark

After what seemed to be a whole lot of confusion Zairos, the Demon Commander Crystal Gem, a scientist working for the demonlord by the name of Ruro and Malus, the terrifying creation of the demons, got sucked into the deadzone. Zairos and Crystal Gem were the first to recover, continueing their fight in the deadzone.

Crystal Gem was incapacitated swiftly under Zairos' force who decided to let his opponent live after a brief exchange of words. Zairos was severely dissapointed and somewhat doubtful of what he had seen and had been told, with a sigh the saiyan used his might to rip open a portal between dimensions and escaped the deadzone.

Meanwhile Malus,who had recovered and been observing the fight from a distance, swooped in and absorbed Crystal Gem; adding her power to his own. This sudden betrayal allowed the majin to mimic what the saiyan had done and with a large grin the majin tore a rift between dimensions. Ruro regained conciousness and followed Malus through the rift, deciding following this demonic creature was a better option then sticking around in an eternal prison.

Year 162 Month 0 - Double Trouble; A wish to spite them all!

Malus and Ruro had traveled to planet Namek when they escaped the deadzone. Thanks to the kaio's who had come to defend Heaven, Malus had had the chance to absorb the Namekian Elder in Heaven. Thanks to this, Malus was aware of the dragonballs and their might.

Wasting little time the creature gathered the seven dragonballs and, using Banji's knowledge once more, summoned it in flued Namekian. A gargantuan dragon appeared before the majin and offered it any two wishes it desired. This was a simple matter for Malus, who had been planning ahead for this the moment he had absorbed the unfortunate elder and made its wishes.

The first wish caused a wave of destructive energy to pass throughout all of existance, wiping out technology and the tools/resources to make it entirely, crippling allied and enemy forces alike. The second wish however was far more sinister still; Malus wished for a second to fight alongside him. The dragon granted this wish aswell, a shadowy cacoon appearing infront of Malus.

Before the dragon could state that the wishes had been granted and dissapear, Malus interrupted him: "Oh by the way dragon, one more thing.." Shortly thereafter Porunga was no more, obliterated by the malicious Majin.

Year 169 Month 4 - Kablooey!

For some time now the demonic force, known as Malus, had remained on planet Namek. Though the green world had run its course in the mind of the Hell spawn, honestly, the dragon balls were the only attraction of the otherwise bland location in the first place.

He'd had his two wishes granted, and taken care of the eternal dragon, now it was time to move along. With his cocooned underling in tow, the rubbery vessel of evil incarnate would ascend through the Namekian sky, not stopping untill he had cleared the planets atmosphere.

It was there, high above the home of the mostly peace loving race, the malicious Majin would prepare a devastating ball of violent, pink energy. Which he'd thrust toward the rock, causing the planet to errupt, whilst having the gall to sit back on the shell of his unborn apprentice laughing away and enjoying the firework show. As he floated off in to the depths of space, one thing was for sure. It would be bad news for whatever planet he arrived at next.

Year 174 Month 8 - Another one bites the dust

A passage of time had passed since the destruction of Namek, a quiet period
spent on a largely abandoned space station that would lead to the inevitable
return of Malus' boredom. The inane chatter of a strange machine, or hybrid
or...something, which it didn't even seem totally sure of itself, wasn't
enough to keep the destroyer of worlds pacified for very long at all.

Setting out in to the universe, he'd run a mental check on the planets who'm he
knew to be populated, made possible due to the knowledge of the Kaio happy
meal he had not long after his birth. There seemed to be two possible
targets available to the demonic beast. In the end it turned out to be a
matter of saving the best for last that swayed Malus, choosing to take out
the seemingly weaker civilization of planet Arconia.

The mixing pot of galactic races wouldn't know what hit it as Malus launched
a surprise sphere of evil energy from above, much like he had during his
previous planetary eradication.

The vile monster seemingly taking more and more pleasure in death and destruction as he moved across the universe. His to-do list grew shorter and shorter, as far as his path of destruction was concerned, however, before he continued toward what he hoped to be the end of the universe in total, there was still the small matter of introducing his underling to the already perilous situation.

A Glutton Unleashed - Byte takes a bite out of Vegeta

Majin Mango had begun it's rampage on Vegeta with the sole mission to eat until it all life had been wiped out. Malus intended to let the pink monster roam freely while he slumbered. A fight quickly broke out between the Saiyans and the towering pinkened beast. It hadn't taken long for the surges of power to attract an all too sinister force of a different nature.

The threat Byte made to destroy Vegeta finally ticked down to it's final seconds and the Bio showed up to make good on it's promise. While Zairos and Mango fought, the other Saiyans tried to hold Byte off as it grew stronger and stronger. Expanding it's muscles to astonishing effect! Zairos needed to pull away from his fight with the Majin to make sure Byte didn't massacre his friends, punishing the Biomech for all the suffering it caused!

The beating that Byte recieved wounded not only it's body, but it's perfect pride as well. In a huff of rage the second monster decided to throw off one final farewell, a taunt that it would have the last laugh. Cackling madly Byte exploded, wiping all life from the surface of Vegeta before the very planet it's self crumbled beneath the might of such a terrible cataclysm. With every last ounce of his strength, the Fused Super Saiyan 4 Zairos, saved as many lives as possible.. though not all were that lucky. Several brave warriors and innocent bystanders were caught in the blast.. losing their lives.

Just as the wave of destruction was about to overtake the group of shocked fighters, Zairos released all his energy at once in a valiant effort to teleport everyone within his influence to the only place he could think of that was safe.. The Afterlife! Though slightly singed and still wounded from their own battles, those that had been just moments from death were quite suddenly finding themselves alive and well. Only, very far from the living realm.

Meanwhile in the dust and rubble of space..

It appeared that Byte had another trick up it's sleeve...
When it seemed that victory over the Biomechanical Beast had been attained, a small rumble between two large floating stones could be felt. The silence of space swollowing up the sickly roar of a rapidly regenerating lump of flesh. Byte had exploded before their very eyes and yet within moments it was whole again, stronger than ever! With our heroes tucked away in the afterlife and a starving Majin at their side, would they ever truly have a moment of peace and rest?!

Year 191 Month 5 - The Purge

The universal threat, known simply as Malus, had once more grown tired with his surroundings, albeit this time, it wasn't a mere planet. The location was his birthplace of Hell, a fixed dimension that would quite frankly be impossible to totally eradicate, despite being able to deal damage to the area.

Instead, the creature of pure evil would opt for a new method. Opening up a tear in the dimension, as he often did to get around from planet to planet, he'd this time continue to pump his rapidly increasing power in to the process. In turn, this would forcefully expand the rip to an epic size, that now caused the portal to loom over nearly the entire reach of Hell's fiery skies.

Debris and splashes of lava would begin to gravitate upwards from the ground, being thrust in to the gaping gateway completely, and the weaker souls were soon following suit. Upon reaching the pinnacle of his mighty power, the vacuum of the portal was at a maximum, hoovering up even the sturdier beings in hell, both dead and the unluckly few being tortured alive, alike.

Hell's entire population, minus one rubbery abomination, had now been relocated to a fate even worse than the underworld. A dimension so plain and silent that it could turn even the most mentally stable of being completely insane. As he rested his power, and the portal finally drew to a close, the maniacal beast couldn't help but let out a chuckle, it wasn't as much of a thrill as bringing death, though under the circumstances, it was as fun as it could be. Now, on to more pressing matters...

Year 191 month 6 - Year 193 month 0: Exodus.

On the western kaio planet the last few warriors of the universe gathered to prepare for their last stand against Malus. Unfortunately for them however, this climactic fight happened earlier then expected. Malus ripped a hole through the dimensions and seemingly appeared out of thin air, catching the group entirely by surprise. Wasting little time Zairos instantly transformed into his mighty Ultimate Super Saiyan state, a form he had inherited from Solandros in the fusion. Kuran swiftly transformed into a super saiyan, Lauria prepared herself for combat aswel and picked up the gravity device and the traitorous Mango got over his fear of Malus and prepared to fight as well. Dispite the best endeavors of our heroes the fight didn't seem to go in their favor and, in a last ditch effort to sway the tide, Lauria activated her secret weapon; a gravity device generaly used for training.

By kicking the machine into overdrive a field of immense gravitational pull was created around it, while this was meant to take down Malus in a sacrificial blow it ended up killing not only Lauria, but also Kuran and the newly arrived Nolat. It was at this exact moment that a thin ray of rainbow light pierced Malus' head, bursting out from within. From this newly formed hole jumped Crystal Gem, effectively escaping from her majin prison. The raibow demon and ultimate saiyan teamed up against Malus and seemed to be getting a bit of an upperhand. After several months of nonstop fighting an opening finaly presented itself as Malus lowered its guard.

Zairos immediately jumped at the chance of using this opening and fired off the infamous Spider Queen's Fang Ray! towards the majin, seemingly incinerating him in one devastating blow. It was at this moment however that another threat presented itself; having sensed the massive power fluctuations and the rifts between dimensions, Byte decided to join the fray and decimate all that stood before it in name of the mothership. Meanwhile Letticia regained conciousness, though noone had seen her she too had been struck by the gravity device, however, as she was already dead she remained near the fight.

Having recovered slightly from the beating the dead saiyan awoke to a horrific scene, the serene planet she had dozed off on had turned into a wartorn, ravaged wasteland and infront of her were the bodies of three of her best friends. Enraged by this loss Letticia ascended into her super saiyan form and dashed towards the fight. Zairos and Crystal hadn't even been able to catch their breath before Byte appeared before them, forcing the two to fight the biological android in their wounded and winded state. A confrontation with Byte in the best of conditions could be considered foolish in its own right but in these circumstances it bordered blatant suicide.

The fight with Byte went on for roughly a month, during which Malus had regenerated from the Spider Queen's Fang Ray attack without being detected by the other fighters. Once Byte however realsised it was there the biological android let out an annoyed grunt and used the Shunkan Ido to take its leave for now. Zairos and Crystal, now even more fatigued, now had to face a fully restored Malus. The fight raged on once more, both Zairos and Crystal reaching dangerous levels of fatigue alone. Eventualy rage and frustration got the better of Crystal and she let out a loud roar, throwing a kienzan disc at Malus. Maluswas confident he could take whatever his 'sister' could dish out and remained stil. Unfortunately for him he was promptly cut in half.

The victory was shortlived as Malus once more regenerated completely unscathed and initiated the assault once more, pummeling the two viciously. In a last ditch effort Zairos prepared the corkscrew beam attack, the signature ki move Solandros had learned from his former captain Valerian. Crystal meanwhile used every drop of power she had for one last assault to keep Malus distracted. Crystals attacks failed but they kept the majin busy. Once Zairos attacked the majin could do little but try to shield himself with Crystal but Zairos' power was simply to overwhelming, slaughtering the two of them.

Zairos had spent a good chunk of his energy fighting Malus these last few months, there was barely anything left of the cardinal planets that were in orbit in the afterlife and just as he finaly thought he could breathe for a bit, Byte returned. The fight continued and Zairos did his very best, but he had gone over two years without rest or sustenance and it was taking a vast tole on him. Byte started charging tis energy to prepare a powerful beam attack, Zairos, figuring this might be his last chance at ending this, decided to do the same. With a loud roar the two fighters released their attacks, Byte using its devastating Dark Fire Wave attack and Zairos resorting to the Corkscrew beam once more. Bytes power proved to much and soon Zairos was no more, completely obliterated by Bytes Dark Fire Wave.

It would seem that in the very end the Mothership had succeeded afteral; the entire universe and even the afterlife itself had been purged from messy organic and supernatural life. Leaving a perfect world for perfect, mechanical, beings.
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An Ancient Chaos and The Android Threat!
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