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 Update as of 23/9/13

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Update as of 23/9/13 Empty
PostSubject: Update as of 23/9/13   Update as of 23/9/13 I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 23, 2013 4:30 pm

Ancient race rare coded in.

Justicar and Arbiter ranks added for demis/hybrids.

New Makyo histories.

Makyo Star fixed.

Armory added for President rank (With unique one of a kind spacesuits~).

PC is now learnable even if you allready have ki and fly.

Shield, Kienzan and Kikoho now have an increased chance of being learned by the races that learn them on their own.

Sky World ICly moved to the afterlife.

Demi/Hybrid cave entrances fixed.

Living beings no longer recover energy while in the afterlife. This excludes Kaio's and Demons in their native realms.

Most requested of all: Labcoat is back in the shops.

Jail verb for admins.

Cruiser Fixed

Flying nimbus (Item for Korin to hand out, allows flying when equiped/used without drain or fly mastery increase). (finished but postponed due to unforseen bug, currently being fixed)

Enlarge verb (in progress)

BE icons restored (muscled body, ussj hair, 100% frieza, expanded bio) (partly finished and implemented, ussj and body has been postponed to next update, frieza, makyo and bio are working and in)

History/personality revamping (partly finished, will happen every update)

Elaboration on the major issues:

Sky World: Sky world is now located in the afterlife ICly, acting as the battleground for the forces of good and evil. Souls will be sent there to fight either alongside the demi's on the forces of good or alongside the hybrids for the forces of evil.

Justicar and Arbiter: Leaders of the Demi's and Hybrids respectively, they get the abilities to warp between their native world and sky world (Earth for Demi/Justicar and Vegeta for Hybrid/Arbiter), they also get the unique ability to 'summon' dead people, they do this with a unique version of conjure like makyo's get, allowing them to propose a contract to a dead soul to enlist their help against the opposing force. They also both get the ability to heal and materialize weights to help lead their sides to victory and finaly the get the ability to restore bodies and get access to the dead verb, allowing them to see who's dead.

Ancient: A unique rare, the rumored common ancestor that Kaio's and Demons descended from. Their IC motive can differ but the general idea is that they'll try to influence the balance of good and evil to be like they see it should be, this race might get unique histories in later updates to fill in the roll of 'gods' like Bills if the request is big enough.

Heaven/Hell energy recov: Living beings no longer recover energy in the afterlife, Kaio's can still recover energy in Heaven but not in Hell, this to prevent crusaders from going overboard. Demons can recover in Hell but not in Heaven, this to prevent demons from going overboard. Conflict between the two will now mostly play out via sky world while Heaven and Hell mostly get used for training/enslavement/tournies etc.

Jail verb: Teleports the target to a jail cell and mutes them. Once a person gets unjailed they'll automatically get unmuted and warped back to where they were when they got jailed.
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Update as of 23/9/13
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