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 The saiyan refugees; The Arconian kings deceit!

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The saiyan refugees; The Arconian kings deceit! Empty
PostSubject: The saiyan refugees; The Arconian kings deceit!   The saiyan refugees; The Arconian kings deceit! I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 04, 2014 6:58 am

Year 13: I now dub thee, Globorgs

All had been normal on the barren planet of Vegeta, its citizenry going about their usual activities. The race, inherently comprised of warriors who sought to increase their prowess, hadn’t expected the presence of a seemingly superior combatant that day. His pigment a vibrant red, Solandros immediately drew attention to himself upon appearing before a small contingent of said warriors, beginning an analysis.

The saiyan Demetri scanned the foreign being via scouter, and found no existing information on him. As Solandros continued his analysis, he spoke bluntly of the saiyans’ battle powers, prompting Demetri to become offended and toss aside his cape, revealing his armor. The saiyan, now powered up, demanded to know the origin of the alien, but Solandros ignored him, making several notes to himself.  Hearing Solandros’ comments, Demetri appeared amused, and requested to speak to the former as his equal while raising his inner strength yet again.

Solandros considered Demetri’s attempt to even the playing field adorable, but indulged him.  The former explained that he called Arconia home, and began christening Vegeta’s denizens, since he had been their discoverer. Unsatisfied with the designated names monkeymen and catmen, the arconian settled on a more exotic one: Globorgs.  Demetri clearly had not approved, but was the target of another inquiry before he could voice his objection fully: Who was the dominant race of his planet? When given the answer that the saiya-err, Glorborgs held the title, Solandros became incredulous.

Determined to see how well the "controlling power" would fare in battle, the arconian challenged Demetri to melee combat. The bet: If the victor was Solandros, the saiyans would officially be called Globorgs; If Demetri had bested him, the saiyans would gain recognition as such. While Solandros lowered his battle power, Demetri had done the opposite; the increase bore no significance, and the saiyans were Globorgs thereafter.  Demetri subsequently asked what the alien desired from his race, and the latter replied he’d been interested in terraforming the lifeless planet.

Revealing his positions as the king and military commander of Arconia, as well as the head of its science council, Solandros observed his surroundings with a discerning eye. Another saiyan by the name of Jaison then became aware of the arconian’s presence, and eventually accepted the very challenge Demetri had. Solandros, upon noticing Jaison’s battle power had been lower than Demetri’s, lowered his own further in an attempt to even the odds. The two combatants appeared to be on par until Solandros inquired if Jaison was familiar with the term "blitzkrieg". Initially unfamiliar with it, Jaison soon grasped its definition as his opponent became a blur, seeming to only strike once. In reality, the alien had struck Jaison over forty times, and the latter soon found himself sprawled on the floor, bewildered.  

As he recovered, the teenage saiyan first asked what had happened, then challenged Solandros, again. Apparently pressing concerns had gained Solandros’ attention, and the alien disappeared yet again.  The king had mentioned he had no interest in terraforming an inhabited planet, so his presence in the future had been uncertain.


Year 19: Furslaks and the amazing Globorg transformation!

The cold homeworld of the Changeling race had been left untouched by aliens, remaining undiscovered in the far reaches of the universe. This day however, things would change. A spacepod sped towards the planet at an alarming rate, crashing into the snowie lands. The pod opened, revealing its occupant to be none other then the King of Arconia; Solandros. The red skinned man grinned as his scouter notified him that the planet seemed to be inhabited and that one of the stronger members of its race was nearby. Wasting no time, the King of Arconia set out to investigate.

It wasnt long before the lord of the changelings, Blizzard, met with Solandros. The latter of who'm quickly named the changelings as Furslaks, afterall he had discovered the species, it felt only right he'd be allowed to name them like he had done the Globorgs.<br><br> Blizzard eventually accepted the name Furslak as the official name for his race, mostly because the visitor seemed to be planning on taking him to another planet to see how he'd hold up against the 'Globorgs' whatever the hell those were. Soon enough his suspicions were proven right, the duo arrived on Vegeta in a matter of seconds thanks to the Shunkan Ido technique.

The Arconian King grinned and stated to both Globorg and Furslak that he had brought the Furslak here to fight the Globorgs, to see how strong both the races were in comparison to eachother. Blizzard cared little for Solandros' motivations, caring only for the chance to kill a race he had started to find pretty annoying right off the bat. Meanwhile, the Globorg Jaison decided he would be the opponent of the Furslak, he loved the chance to fight and wasn't planning on passing up the opportunity to fight a creature he had never even seen before. After introductions were made the fight kicked off, things initialy seemed to be in the favor of the Globorg Jaison, but quickly turned around when the Furslak decided enough was enough and transformed into its second state. Almost everyone was shocked by the enormous power difference the changeling had now that he had transformed, going from roughly half of Jaisons power to over twice the Globorgs amount.

While Jaison tried to get over the sudden shock of the transformation the Furslak wasted no time, firing a piercer ray straight at the saiyans chest. Jaison tried to swiftly counter with an energy wave but was easely overpowered, the ray piercing his chest. The Globorg was now down on the ground, the Furslak standing over him, taunting him about his soon to be extinct race. Demetri, a Globorg who had been spectating up to this point, charged at the Furslak in an attempt to save his fallen comrad, it was shortlived. The Furslak shot down Demetri as he had Jaison and started his taunts anew. These taunts pushed the injured Jaison over the edge, his power surged as he forced himself up, catching Blizzard by surprise.

Almost instantly Jaisons power surged to previously uncharted territory of Globorg power, his hair turning bright gold and spiking up while his eyes turned bright green. The Globorg had achieved a new level all together, he had become; The Legendary Super Globorg. Unfortunately however, Jaison was still severely injured with a gaping hole in his chest and was practically out of energy. The Furslak, caught off guard by Jaisons transformation and sudden power increase swiftly transformed to its final form to ensure victory. Due to the extensive damage and exhaustion Blizzard was easely three times more powerfull then Jaison, however the legendary super Globorg did not yield, instead going on a rampage against the intruder.

Dispite the power difference Jaison seemed to hold on well enough, inflicting quite a bit of damage without taking to much himself. Eventually the two wore eachother out and Jaison had little choice but to use his ultimate move. Demetri, who had managed to survive the piercer ray of Blizzard, used up the last of his energy by transfering it to jaison, replenishing his supplies. The legendary super Globork charged its energy and fired off a blast of enormous proportions, utterly decimating the Furslak Blizzard and even catching a poor Globorg (The Globork elite Kheen) in the blast who'm had tried to distract the Furslak for Jaison.

Only the Legendary Globorg, a passed out Demetri and Solandros, the Arconian King who had been observing and recording the entire event with his scouter remained. Soon it became obvious however that Jaison was not in control, tossing Demetri through the room into a nearby wall. At this point the Arconian King decided he had to intervene, fortunately for him Jaison was still heavely damaged and was relatively easely knocked on concious after a small fight. Solandros shuddered to think how strong Jaison would've been had he not been near death, the scouter had calculated his power to be at 2'400'000 in the fight against Blizzard and that was with him as good as dead afterall. The Arconian King dusted off his gloves and pondered for a moment. He'd have a lot of recordings to study.


Year 19: The big spoon or the small spoon:

After the fight over planet Vegeta and the survival of its species, the Globorg race, only two Globorgs who had been present during the fight remained; Demetri and Jaison. Both of which had holes in their chest, slowly bleeding out.  The Arconian King Solandros was still present, observing the two somewhat closely. "Scouter." The king mused. "Make note that Globorg blood appears to be red rather then Cyan, a calcium deficiency perhaps?"

Meanwhile the two Globorgs were bleeding out rather rapidly. "They sure seem to have a lot of that stuff dont they?" The king mused before reaching into his pocket and withdrawing a small capsule. "Ahwell, better fix them up." With that he tossed out the capsule which revealed to be a healing tank. A brief ki blast ensured the two Globorgs were sufficiantly naked so they could absorb all the healing juices. The Arconian king placed the two saiyans into the tank, Jaison in the back, Demetri in front. The machine promptly activated when it was closed, restoring all the wounds the two Globorgs had suffered during the fight.

Demetri was the first to awaken, swiftly panicing as he realised someone was pressing up against him from behind and he himself was fully unclothed, a loud screaming followed which in turn woke up Jaison. Jaisons eyes swiftly widened as he noticed the situation they were in and he to started screaming. Solandros couldn't help but chuckle and pointed out that they were floating in liquid and that screaming was most likely not the best idea to do in terms of oxygen usage. The Arconian king then told the duo to hold on as he ran some tests to make sure they were indeed fully healed, after he had pretended to do scans for what he considered a sufficient amount of time the Arconian finaly opened the tank, two dripping wet saiyans standing there spooning due to the limited amount of space in the tank. Solandros chuckled and said: "You know, you two really should get dressed, people might get the wrong idea."


Year 21: Betrayal.

It had been a full two years since the fight over the fate of the Globorgs had occured on the planet Vegeta, an era of peace seemed to have arrived in which the Globorgs could finaly train and fight eachother to their hearts desire without having to fear them being destroyed. The Globorgs had joined with the Arconian Empire, resulting in the Arconian King and his followers to reínstate their previous offer to terraform the planet into a lush paradise. Demetri, King of the Globorgs decided to accept the offer. The choice however did have one consequence: The Globorgs would have to move to another planet for a full year as the terraforming process would leave the planet inhabitable for life untill it was completed.

Demetri acknowledged the need to move and gathered all of the Globorg race for a grand announcement, and after a long patriotic speech all of the Globorgs were more then willing to follow their leader to their new home. One of Solandros' elite bodyguards, an Arconian named Ekaj, was charged with transporting the Globorgs to their new temporary home and provide them with Arconian tech and weighted clothing to help pass the time. Using the Shunkan Ido technique the Arconian swiftly transported the entirety of the Globorg race towards the Furslag homeworld, which since the death of the Changeling Lord Blizzard had become anexed into the Arconian Empire.

Once all the Globorgs had left a devious grin appeared on Solandros' face, the suckers had fallen for it and fallen for it hard. He reached towards his pauldron and retreived a small black orb that the Salamander Helia had produced earlier on. With a ceremony like movement the Arconian blasted a small hole in the ground and placed the orb in the middle.

The orb was of Salamander origin, logic dictated it would need a Salamander to help it get started. As such the Arconian king moved to the side, allowing Helia to do her thing. Helia, currently in her small newt form, started walking up to the hole Solandros had made, slowly growing in size untill she stood as a large Salamander bathing in fire. The large Salamander opened her maw above the hole, letting molten lava drool into it. Several months passed as Vegeta slowly started to turn into a dead wasteland, until it was finaly time. The ground began to shake around the hole as the orb had reached its peak, Ekaj and Solandros swiftly jumped into the air, not wanting to risk getting caught in what was about to come.

Almost without further warning the lava in the hole bursted up towards the ceiling in a great big pillar of molten death, billions upon billions of tiny newtlike Salamanders rushing from the small hole, spreading across the planet and devouring everything in their path like wildfire. Within a few hours the entire planet was reduced to a big dead sphere of toxic smog and lava, soon to be unbreathable for any form of life that needed air. All the Salamanders swarmed back, glowing intensely from all the energy they had absorbed. It was quite a sight to behold; an entire, what was practically a moving landmass, swarm of tiny Salamanders, glowing with the energy of an entire planet all swarming back to where they had come.

Everytime a Salamander reached the hole, its glow left its body and hovered above it, intensifying with each 'deposit'. Eventualy the tiny Salamanders were no more, a tiny sphere of energy hovering above the hole from which they all had come. The Arconian king chuckled as he landed infront of it and extended his hand, allowing the energy to slowly fall into the palm of his hand. Once the energy made contact with his glove, it solidified; all of the life force and energy of an entire planet manifested in a piece of fruit in the palm of his hand. A pod could be seen leaving the planet soon after as Ekaj set way towards their homeworld of Arconia, while Solandros decided to make a little detour to visit the Globorgs on their soon to be icy grave. Meanwhile, Helia seemed to rejoice in the now dead planet with its lava pools, toxic air and acid rain. It would seem that the event had shaped the planet into the perfect place for Salamanders to live.

Solandros sent word of his arrival to Demetri before hand, asking him to gather all the saiyans due to a grand announcement he had to make, saying it was 'A day the Globorg race would never forget in the history of their entire race". Soon after all the Globorgs had gathered Solandros turned to them, arms behind his back and began his speech. The Globorgs were stunned. Not only did the Arconian king reveal that he had been manipulating them since day one, pretending to be a friendly ignorant explorer, he had tricked them into unknowingly conquering a planet for him, even making them go as far as to thank him for helping them afterwards. Not pausing a moment to realise that -he- was the one that had brought the threat to their world in the first place and even stating as such before the fighting had started. The Arconian king however had saved the best for last.

Solandros reached into his pocket and grabbed the Might Fruit, devouring it in a swift chomp. Instantly the kings power grew even more vast, much to the Globorgs surprise. It was then where made the most shocking of all revelations: "Their homeworld was no more, reduced to a lifeless corpse of a planet and drained of all its life and energy; which he had just devoured infront of their noses in the form of the piece of fruit. The Arconian king laughed, the Globorg race furious at this betrayal. "And the best thing is, all I had to do was wave some primitive trinkets around you considered high tech and you came running like the dumb little puppies you are." This last taunt was to much, the Globorg Jaison snapped. The man he had admired since a child, who'm he had fought for and traveled with had been lying, no..Manipulating, playing him for a fool this entire time!

Jaisons hair bursted up and turned bright gold, his eyes faded to pure white and with the last of his old personality he simply stated: "Leave." The rest of the saiyans knew Jaison was unable to distinguish friend from foe when he got like this and, led by the Globorg king Demetri, fled the scene. Meanwhile the Arconian King simply laughed and said: "Telling your comrades to leave so you can fight me all by yourself, how spineless of you." This statement actually seemed to halt Jaisons advance for a moment, stating: "..What?" before shrugging it off and resuming his steady advance to the Arconian king. Solandros grinned and said: "Suicide is the cowards way out." With that the Arconians muscles instantly buldged to twice their normal size, allowing him to overpower the Globorg now in terms of both speed and power.

The fight began, Jaison dashed towards Solandros and threw an uppercut at his jaw, a move that Solandros promptly evaded and countered with a roundhouse kick to the face. The move connected, but allowed the Legendary Super Globorg to reach and grab Solandros' cape, tossing him towards the wall. The Arconian king managed to recover before crashing however and dashed back into the fight. Each blow the two landed resulted in a shockwave destroying the direct area due to the sheer amount of power being used, but eventually it became obvious Solandros had the upper hand. Dispite his muscles having buldged and slowing him down, he was still far to fast for Jaison to land a proper hit on him, and once this became obvious it had been to late for the Globorg to change his tactics.

A swift punch to the gut caused the Globorgs eyes to widen, fall to his knees and then flat out on his stomach, his head at the feet of the Arconian king. Solandros grinned and placed his foot on the neck of the Globorg, steadely applying pressure while grabbing onto Jaisons hair with his hand, whispering. "Do not worry, I'm sure you'll make a fine trophy on my wall." With that the Legendary Globorg was swiftly decapitated. Demetri stared in shock, he had returned to aid Jaison in the fight but had arrived only in time to see his head get ripped off of his body. An insane rage took over Demetri, he didn't care about the massive power difference, he didn't care if he'd die soon. All the Globorg King wanted, no. All the Saiyan king wanted, was to take down the crimson bastard infront of him!

Demetri's power spiked as he charged his ki, building up for a massive energy attack. Solandros tilted his head towards Demetri and grinned, it was obvious he had become almost feral due to the rage, acting seemingly on instinct alone. A thought crossed his mind as he noticed a young saiyan standing not to far from them, the young Haruto had foolishly brought himself into harms way. It would have been childs play for the Arconian king to freeze time once Demetri had fired off the attack and place the child right infront of it, moving out of the way himself. Fortunately for Demetri however, Solandros considered this to much effort, besides, it would be a lot more gratifying to see them slowly go extinct on the frozen planet without a proper food supply or warmth. The Arconian king grinned and waved, dissapearing into thin air the moment Demetri unleashed his mighty wave of ki he had dubbed "Hermata's Hand" in memorium of his fallen brother.

Once the dust had settled Solandros was nowhere to be seen, having used his Shunkan Ido technique to simply leave the planet and head home, leaving the saiyans to confront their fate in what he considered their soon to be icy grave.


Year 24: An unwelcome surprise.

During the battle on planet Vegeta, the changeling lord Blizzard got blasted into oblivion by the legendary super saiyan Jaison Hermata in his blind fury, unknown to all however, Blizzard managed to barely survive, floating through the cold depths of space with no sign of rescue or aid. However, as fate would have it, a ship eventually stumbled upon Blizzards unconcious remains. Several months later Blizzard had been reborn anew thanks to the mechanical prowess of the tsufurujin who had saved him, the tsufurujin had but one simple condition for his assistance: Wipe out the saiyans. Blizzard had already decided he'd go after the saiyans to avenge his humiliating defeat but refused to do so just because someone else ordered him to. With a smirk on his face Blizzard thanked the tsufurujin for his assistance and stabbed him straight through the heart, piloting the ship back to his homeworld soon after to rally his forces.

Once Blizzard arrived on his homeworld and rushed into the main building he was taken utterly by surprise, instead of his own minions he walked into a room full of saiyans! Infuriated by this blatant trespassing the changeling lord pointed towards one of the nearby saiyans who had the blatant nerve to continue his training and actively disregard the presence of the changeling lord (he was not afk, he was rping that he was ignoring him) and charged, needless to say the saiyan was dead on the ground moments later. Lior, one of the other saiyans present slammed his fist into the ground, furious at his inability to assist his fellow saiyans; the power gap was simply to big between him and blizzard to be even able to touch the changeling. At this point Blizzard turned around, turning his focus to Lior. "I'm going to take my time with you."

The changeling lord said, slowly walking over towards Lior. Lior got up and shifted into a combative stance, trying to prepare for the incoming attack. Unfortunately however it was for naught, the changeling lord rushed the saiyan and beat him down to the ground in one fell swoop, tossing his unconcious body across the room soon after. Lior slowly scrambled to his feet, barely able to stand after the beating. The changeling grinned and jumped towards Lior, intending to knock him out cold again with an elbow to the head. Lior however, thought fast and reached for some nearby dirt, throwing it up into the eyes of Blizzard. Blizzard let out a frustrated howl as his sight was suddenly taken from him. Lior took the opportunity to slowly get away from the mechanized changeling who was to busy with trying to clear out his eyes to stop the young warrior.

Just as Blizzard managed to clear the dirt out of his eyes however,  Demetri, the king of the saiyan race (what was left of it anywho) arrived to defend his people. Anger started building up inside the saiyan, the creature that had shown up on Vegeta so long ago had reappeared only to cause havoc again. "Why wont you stay DEAD!" The saiyan king roared, Blizzard however was far more interested in action then words, instead opting to dash at the saiyan king and unleash a flurry of attacks. The fight went back and forth for a while untill Demetri eventualy, in an act of desperation, fired off his "Hermata's Hand" attack straight at the changeling at point blank range. The Changelings eyes widened in surprise as he was caught inside the blast, critically damaging his systems. The saiyan king, now exhausted from his attack, gave into his fury and primal instincts. Demetri used what little energy he had to dash at the Changeling and bite it in the arm, however, since the changeling was mostly mechanized all he really achieved was chipping several teeth. With a loud howl of pain Demetri jumped back and tried to catch his breath.

Meanwhile however, tiny nanobots that had been busy working on Blizzards body finished their repairs, bringing the Changeling lord back to his full power. All seemed lost, Demetri was heavely damaged, out of energy -and- Blizzard was back to full strength. It was then however, when Blizzard said the magic words: "I'm going to kill you, and then your blond friend!" These words took a moment to sink into Demetri's mind; Jaison was dead, most of his race was dead, his homeworld was dead, one of the few survivors that had made it layed in the corder, dead. The saiyan kings power surged, his anger reaching entirely new heights as his hair spiked up, his aura bursted up around him and his eyes turned bright green; he had finaly transformed into a super saiyan like Jaison had done so long ago.

Fueled with renewed energy and his hatred for all enemies of the saiyan race, Demetri launched his assault on Blizzard. The two still seemed pretty evenly matched, this however caught the Changeling lord by surprise: He was the perfect combination of flesh and machine, the lord of his race -and- in his final form, there should be noone even remotely close to him! This surprise caused Blizzard to take desperate actions, if the saiyan wanted to play rough he could get it. Blizzard jumped into the air and raised his index finger into the air, charging his deathball attack while shouting: "Feel free to dodge this if you can, even if you do the entire world will just blow up with you on it!"

Demetri's eyes widened, had this fool gone mad? Was he really willing to blow up his own homeworld over some ego trip!? This selfish act caused Demetri's power to surge even higher, anger coursing through his veins at the fool who was willing to blow up his own homeworld, an extra sensitive topic for Demetri due to losing his own homeworld not to long ago. The Saiyan king jumped back and started charging his own energy for another "Hermata's Hand" technique. The two powerfull attacks charged towards eachother, Blizzards Deathball however proved faster then Demetri had anticipated, hitting him square in the chest. The saiyans anger gave him power however and he refused to simply give up! With a loud roar he fired off his attack, utterly decimating the changeling lord once and for all.


Year 33: An unexpected surprise:

The normaly peacefull planet Namek had been recently visited by the remains of the saiyan race, taking shelter against the wrath of the Arconian Empire and trying to gain allies in their struggle. The saiyan Lior and Namekian Kilm met below a long abandoned namekian village, discussing business in the depths of the underground cave. An android named Zero and the king of the saiyan race joined them shortly after. Unfortunately for them however, Lior had forgotten to hide his power right at the moment the Arconian King decided he'd go check on the dying race for a good laugh.

The underground meeting between the four was rudely interrupted as Solandros appeared out of thin air, a grin on his face at the foolishness of the saiyans for keeping their power as high as they did. Demetri instantly snapped at Lior, furious that the saiyan had kept his power unhidden thus allowing the Arconian king to track them but at this point it mattered little; Solandros was already there. The Arconian king grinned and fired off a blast of ki towards the entrance of the underground passage, blowing it up entirely which resulted in debris blocking the way out. The group, now trapped inside with the Arconian king got ready to go on the offensive, but got caught off guard as a portal started to open next to Solandros.

Demetri demanded to know why Solandros had come, his own power surging in an attempt to show they were no longer as weak as they had been so many years ago and shouted: "Have you come to finish what you started!?" Solandros had simply grinned, raised his hand towards Demetri, charged his ki and said: "And what if I have." However at the last possible moment the Arconian king changed his aim; now firing his ki attack at the namekian to the east of the cave. Kilm quickly tilted his body sideways, barely managing to dodge the blast. However, the group soon came to the realisation that this had been exactly what Solandros had wanted to happen; the blast continued and hit the back of the underground passage causing the only other exit out of the room to crumble down with debris.

Meanwhile, the Salamander Helia had appeared out of the portal that had appeared next Solandros; flames burning and lava dripping down on the ground from her maw, a terrifying sight indeed. Solandros treated the Salamander politely and welcomed her to the scene, this combined with having seen the state of his homeworld caused Demetri to assume that she had been an instrumental part in Solandros' plans and abilty to turn entire planets into little more then charred husks of what they had been before. Wasting no further time, Demetri fired off a blast of ki at the Salamander. Helia however reacted swiftly, hardening her skin to the point where the ki attack simply bounced off.

The Arconian king grew bored, the thought that the group simply ignored the obvious threat of his presence to attack a creature they had never even seen before annoyed him somewhat. Within the blink of an eye the Arconian king gut punched the three warriors who dared oppose him, Android Zero had strategicly opted to stay out of the fight and was thus spared the punishment. Solandros' attacks packed so much power that the namekian was instantly knocked out and smashed against the wall, the saiyan Lior to was sent flying into the wall but managed to stay concious. Meanwhile, Demetri let out a loud roar, now in his super saiyan state, and prepared another ki attack directed at Helia but was interupted before he could get a chance to fire due to Solandros' attack.

Demetri smirked, thinking he had found something Solandros actually protected and thus must be extremely important. Lior scrambled up from the cave floor, debris falling to the ground as he got up and nodded to his king. The two were in silent agreement: A combined melee attack aimed at the Salamander would take it down and prevent the Arconian king from using her powers again.

The caves structural integrity however had been severely damaged by the fighting that had been going on inside, something that Solandros intended to exploit: The Arconian king used what was possibly his most dreaded ability and froze time. Once time was frozen he walked up to Demetri who was in the middle of jumping towards Helia. With a grin on his face Solandros ripped off the middle part of the saiyans clothes and pulled down the lower half to his knees, effectively pantsing the saiyan king. The Arconian king then walked back and placed one hand on Helia's shoulder, her flames wern't hurting him due to time having been stopped, and raised one hand into the air. As a final little trick Solandros fired off a blast of ki towards the ceiling and the moment time went back in he said in a rather mocking tone: "Have fun~" Instantly the Arconian king and Helia dissapeared out of thin air, the entirety of the cave coming down upon the group.

Demetri acted swiftly, using his super saiyan speed to blast a way out and tossed Lior and Android Zero through the hole, unfortunately however, he was swiftly knocked out by the falling debris, trapping him inside together with the unconcious namekian.


Year 51: A disturbing turn of events.

The world tournament has begun! The guardian of Earth, Ghanu, had decided to host a tournament on Earth for all the warriors in the galaxy, even going so far as inviting the Arconian king who had caused so much trouble for the saiyan race. Of the registered competitors the following fighters showed up; Jai, Lior, Demetri,Freya, Ares and Ghanu's student Mirkan. The tournament started without a hitch, all the fighters were prepped and ready. Some of them wanted to prove they were the strongest, others wanted to test their limits and the cash prize didn't hurt either. After the first round however a strange creature appeared in the ring, a pink blob like creature who's insane power was matched only by his apparent insanity. Ghanu as host of the tournament stepped forward and confronted the creature, asking if it intended to compete in the tournament.

The creature let out a loud laugh and conjured a gigantic ki sphere out of nowhere, eclipsing the sun. "Boom!" the creature yelled, Ghanu, realizing that if the attack were to connect with the planet it would certainly be doomed, launched an attack at the creature in an attempt to stop or disorient it. The attack however failed, and resulted in Ghanu catching the death ball at point blank range, instantly charring the namekian. Miraculously enough Ghanu managed to survive the attack, barely clinging to life. Mirkan wasted no time, dashing to the side to make sure none of his friends would be caught in the blast and fired off his dreaded kikoho attack. The kikoho did a great amount of damage, deforming the creature considerably.

Unfortunately its regenerative powers came to show at this point, it's body quickly reforming as it recovered from the attack. Once reformed the creature lashed out, attacking Ghanu and his student, the former of which had only just managed to regain consciousness. Both of the fighters were knocked out within the blink of an eye, the creature let out another diabolical laugh. Freya, dreading the creature was created in the afterlife as some sort of judgement day weapon and fearing for both her and her sons life called out for everyone to flee, realising that none of them had much of a chance against the creature.

The moment Freya shouted however, the creature froze and turned towards her. The creatures eyes were filled with several emotions; sadness, happiness even..a trace of desperation? The creature slowly walked towards Freya, stammering "M..Ma ma?" Freya was shocked as she thought back to when she had found Jai as a baby so many years ago and said: "H..Hey there..What's your name?" The pink blob smiled and proclaimed its name to be Jai Jai, swiftly absorbing the fallen Ghanu only moments later to improve its overal intelligence. Shocked by the now even more overwhelming power of the creature the group backed off, getting ready to flee the scene. Jai Jai took a step towards his 'mother' shouting "Mother, no! Don't leave!"

The huge amount of power contained within Jai Jai however had grown unstable, his body was rapidly disolving and losing its stability. With a tortured cry it reached out for Freya, who was now fleeing the scene with the others. The creature let out a tortured wail, begging his mother to help, to save him from his coming fate. Freya paused, part of her sympathized with the creature but shook the feeling off and continued her escape. The wailing cry of the little Jai Jai filled the air for several more seconds before it was replaced by a huge flash of light covering roughly half the planet and then an earth shattering kaboom. The planets crust was utterly decimated, the molten magma of the core dripping out and devouring the oceans, part of it even drifting off into space. The survivors quickly fled the dying planet, leaving towards different planets to recover from their ordeal.

Meanwhile, in the distance, the Arconian King grinned as he took a sip from his glass of space wine. "Such a shame, it simply had to much power to contain in its body. Ah well, a failed experiment is only failed if we fail to learn from it, isn't that so?" A dark figure stepped out of the shadows, a hood covering his face and nodded. "Always the silent type eh?" Solandros chuckled and added: "I suppose that's fine, let's see what they do next shall we?"
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The saiyan refugees; The Arconian kings deceit!
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