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 The upcoming recode.

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The upcoming recode. Empty
PostSubject: The upcoming recode.   The upcoming recode. I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 08, 2014 5:59 am

Many of you have been asking about the recode we've been working on so we've decided to reveal some of the details regarding it!

Following is a brief summery regarding what's going to be happening:

1. PC cap of 200%
2. Alternative version of Races verb for players, showing what races are currently on, not the number of players that are that race or names/keys
3. NPC's give up to a certain amount of def, no more then that.
4. Splitform can be used again to whore sparstats (Splitforms will be weaker then the user!)
5. Simulators can be used again.
6. TE provides a bpmod boost rather then a static bp boost
7. Small chance at char creation of a saiyan (regardless of class) that said saiyan will be able to develop the 'fake moon' technique at some point.
8. Fake moon technique lowers the users power by 30%
9. Oozaru redesign:
   Wild VS Master

   Lowie : 200% -> 300%
   Normie: 300% -> 350%
   Elite : ---- -> 400%

10. When an attack happens (example: Solandros attacks Caim Telaria!) instead of just the usual message, it'll add a variation depending on the opponents speed compared to your own
   For example, if the attackers speed is more then 50% higher then the defender; "Solandros attacks Caim Telaria with astonishing speed!"
   Several idea's for messages/degredations: 1. Solandros attacks Caim Telaria, barely managing to connect! (if speed of atk is 50% or more lower then defender). Solandros attacks Caim Telaria, they seem evenly matched! (speed atk +- 20% of spd defender).
11. Kaioken revamp
12. Fusion potara and dance
13. Arconian revamp
14. Ki revamp
15. Tech overhaul
16. Flying Nimbus for Korin
17. USSJ1-2 (described in ssj&lssj revision doc)
18. UP/Mightfruit/Yemmafruit redone
19. BE and Ki burst for demons replaced by Majin
20. Enslaved for DL replaced with Majinize
21. Changie trans animations (Maybe something with shield?)
22. Combat styles
23. Alchemy (maybe, depending on if we can make it shiny or no)
24. Food/water system (seperate doc, act as healing items)
25. Ancient histories
26. Justicar and Arbiter ranks fixed
27. Armory fixed for president rank (with spacesuits~)
28. PC learnable more easely
29. Shield, kienzan and kikoho increased chance of learning.
30. Sky world moved to the living realm as an explore able planet like Jungle and Desert
31. Living beings no longer recover energy in the AL, excluding demons in hell/checkpoint and kaio's in heaven/checkpoint, demi's and hybrids can recover/regen in all AL maps
32. Jail verb made more shiny
33. New clothes added back in the shop
34. Revamp combat formula's
35. Ki combat system worked out (dodging and whatnot)
36. Unique lunar cycles per planet
37. Makyo star coming by one planet at a time
38. Makyo's can jump down and up from star to the planet the Makyo star is currently at
39. New hair icons
40. Beam 'dust' trail icon
41. Dead verb, keep body, Burst Limit, Energy absorption, precognition, arconian transformation, extra sturdy, unshakable, Fusion Dance, Potara Fusion and splitform added to admin skill verb
42. BE icons for all races
43. Redo all maps cause maps.
44. Changeling form icons editable
45. Map/item save/load (Automatic and with admin verbs)
46. Design Majin
47. RP Fight & Advance Turn modified
48. Mystic redesigned
49. Demon Teleport + demon rank fixed
50. Makyo's can breathe in space
51. Upon creation of dbs, creator can set up a password thats needed to summon the dragon
52. Cyberspace for androids to start in as an optional Z if they want so they can be created by players or the AC
53. Internal Majin and Cell Z, if absorbed target has more bp then the absorber they get to run wild inside (still provides power in both cases)
54. RP guide verb + doc
55. Scouter Frequency admin verb, much like rpspy. Shows what's being said on scouter chat, by who'm and on what channel (#)
56. Spaceships (for multiple people)
57. Admin Inventory Edit
58. All water zanzoken-able
59. Super Flight reimplemented
60. Androids spawn with spacepod that works only for androids
61. Misc ranks revamp
62. Majin Revamp
63. Bio Revamp
64. New maps
65. Heal doesn't work on training equipment
66. Observe only works on people in your contacts
67. Changeling Transformation Revamp (yes again)
68. Kid, adult and elderly icons.
69. Sense revamp
70. Namekian 'ranged' melee attack, 2-3 tiles range. (Stronger but less accurate)

Now to provide some details regarding some points in the list.

The easiest one to explain first would be oozaru, in the older versions the power % you'd reach would be random, now it's determined by if it's mastered and what class you are. (The % were decided by keeping their angers in mind).

The Kaioken Revamp is a lot more complicated, not a single trace of the original skill is left. It will have a static health drain while it's on and uses a mastery system much like hatching pokemon, needing a step counter to increase your mastery. The skill itself has become infinitely more powerful then it currently is but riskier as well.
As a final note on kaioken, there's also a racial cap to how high one can go with kaioken, this to keep it balanced in comparison to other buffs and transformations.

Potara and Fusion dance, not going to reveal to much about these apart from that fusion dance will be a common thing for Arconians and will be teachable via admin approval. Potara's will be given by the spk and are quite a lot more powerful then fusion dance.

Arconian revamp, much more diverse mods, more unique skills and the only race that'll be getting passive skills (such as a higher max health % or the ability to absorb ki like androids).

Ki revamp, now this one I'm quite proud of. All races will be able to learn all ki moves, the better you are with ki the more you'll learn. In addition to this beam attacks now have a charge cap and do not charge with rpfight on, allowing you to rp charging, and actually charge during the advance turn. The ki moves you learn are divided into three tiers based on several vars that determine how good your char is with ki.

Characters in tier one will learn:

Explosion (max AoE 5x5)
EW (max charge x10)

That's right, shockwave is back. For those who don't know it, it's an invisible attack that does less damage then basic but causes a noticable knockback.

Characters in tier two will learn:

Kill Driver

Repulsion is a new move we've introduced, it basically pushes everyone directly next to you away, handy when you're getting attacked by multiple targets. (think what Goku did to Jeice/Burter, or Vegeta as a kid to those saiba's that jumped him).

Characters in the final tier will learn:

Homing finisher (max 10 spheres)
Piercer Ray (max charge x10)

Fissure and Impact are two new moves, fissure will act like explosion only in a straight line that your character is facing and impact is basicly shockwave combined with repulsion, resulting in you firing off a shockwave that on impact will not only push back the person it hits, but everyone around it to.

Now, you might think "Woot that's awesome!" and you'd be right, but there's more.
For every move (Including ranked ones!) there's what we call an 'advanced move' that unlocks when you become proficient enough with ki in general and that attack.

Basic will unlock ki blast, blast will unlock charged blast. Energy wave becomes Full Power Energy Wave.

These new attacks will be unlocked along side all your other ki attacks and have their own pro's and cons compared to their original/normal counterparts to ensure both remain useful.

We're not done yet though, in addition to all moves getting advanced forms, once you reach a certain point with ki you'll unlock the ability to create your very own customisable beam attack! As your ki prowess increases you'll be gaining more and more points that you can use to increase your beams power, charge cap, charge speed, distance, decrease its drain or even give the beam unique effects that no other attack in the game has!  Several examples are an explosion on impact of the beam, delayed damage (Think goku's khh against oozaru bebi).

And as a final reward for those truly ambitious with their ki will receive the following message "You've achieved the epitome of ki mastery, contact an admin." At this point, the player will be allowed to declare one ranked attack that he or she has seen ICly since their characters creation and receive that move.

Tech Revamp, now this is another big one.

At char creation, you pick a tech tree you specialize in this tech tree you get your full mod worth of awesomeness, in all other tech trees you only work at 1/5th of the efficiency.

A verb will be added to allow techies to coöperate and combine their tech trees to let them build stuff they couldn't build alone.

The tech trees are as followed:

Blacksmith (focuses on swords and armors)
Gadgets    (scouters, camera's, flash grenades, yes those are a thing now)
Engineer    (Boats, pods, spaceships, transporter pads)
Biologist    (Moons, healing tanks, saiba's, genetic engineering)
Robotics    (Focuses on cybernetic implants, building androids and upgrading them)

Any race can go bebi, but this requires all tech trees to be maxed. Techie coöperation is a must!

A bonus idea we currently have is a 'mysticism tree' which would work similarly to a tech tree but allow unique things like contacting a demon or kaio, or even conjuring a demigod or hybrid to come to your assistance. In the concept the tree splits into good or evil, allowing you to only progress into one of the two and locking you out the others. Could be used for cult like rp's or magic users.
Ussj1 and Ussj2, two separate transes that all saiyans can get once they've reached a certain point, ussj1 is based on Vegeta's ussj form and ussj2 on Trunks', for the sake of an example lets say you need 200 mill to go ssj2. If we have a saiyan go ussj at 200 mill in ssj1, he'd end up with roughly 320 mill (rough estimate, no formula's or math have been applied), ssj2 would put him at 400 mill and ussj2 would actually put him at 480 mill.

As you can see USSJ1-2 are pretty powerful but come with decent stat cuts in terms of among others, speed. Ussj1 and 2 are considered seperate lines of the super saiyan transformation, as such you can go: ssj1 -> ussj1 -> ussj2 OR ssj1-ssj2-ssj3-ssj4. It's impossible to go from ussj1 or 2 to ssj2 and continue the line, preventing people from using them as stepping stones to higher forms.
RP fight verb:

1. Puts regen and recov to 0 for the duration its on.
2. Stops all drain and mastery of skills while its on.
3. Stops transformation timers such as oozaru.
4. Stops beams from charging past x1 while its on.

Advance turn:

1. Allows regen and recov to occur for 3 seconds
2. Allows drain and mastery of skills for 3 seconds
3. Lets three seconds pass on a transformation timer
4. Lets waves charge for 3 seconds
Majin Revamp

Majins start out a lot stronger, start with a wide variety of skills and attacks.
The real fun however is with their absorb verb, majin absorb can be used on an unko'd opponent or a ko'd one.
Absorbing a ko'd opponent provides a bigger power boost.
A target that gets absorbed gets warped to the new "Majin inside Z", if they were ko'd they'll get warped to a prison like spot, if they were not ko'd they can run free and cause havoc if they are strong enough. If they are not strong enough they to will be transported to prison spots as if they had been ko'd.

There will be a 'majinrelease' verb for admins that allow them to let someone inside the majin escape, resulting in the majin losing the boosted power from the absorb and letting the absorbed player appear next to the majin.
Bio Revamp

Instead of absorbing two cyborgs, the bio can pick a race from the character creation list to choose what race he needs 2 of to be complete
Bio Android can absorb people without them being ko'd as long as they belong to their designated absorb species, they do not gain bp for this other then the transformation.
Bio Android can absorb KO'd players of any race except androids (example cells failed attempt to absorb 16) and majins
Bio's do gain power from absorbing ko'd targets.

A target that gets ko'd gets warped to a special map called "Bio android insides", they will be unable to resist the bio unless stated otherwise by admins but will not die in case they get rescued like 18.

Bio's start out with a decent amount of skills/attacks and obtain new ones with each transformation they obtain.
Once a bio reached its perfect form he'll gain a 'power weighted' form, much like ussj.

Upon reaching its perfect form and depending on the situation admins can give the bio the 'super perfect' form, increasing its power even more and providing it with Shunkan Ido, supernova (death balls advanced form) and spirit bomb, making it quite a potent form.
Majin (the skill) and mystic design/redesign.

Both will put the user at max anger in addition to the amount of power the skill itself gives.
Majin will be combine able with ssj1-2-3 and even 4, while mystic will only be able to be used with ssj1-2
Mystic will nullify the drain of the transes it can be used with.
Majin focuses on raising the users physical stats
Mystic focuses on raising the users spiritual stats
Both Mystic and Majin can be combined with other buffs and are considered more of a 'sub form' then anything else.
Justicar and Arbiter ranks:

With Sky world moved to the living realm, Demi's and Hybrids will now spawn in Heaven and Hell respectively. Their ranks still remain in place and act as a position between the cardinals and the spk. This means that a Justicar could appoint cardinals, without a spk being in place and order them around.  Meanwhile, the Arbiter rank has a similar position between the demon lord and demon general/commander.
Ofcourse there's so much we simply can't put it all into one update, here are some of the things that are on the extra list for a future update after the recode:


1-1. Saibaman system overhaul (insanely cool~)
1-2. NPC redesign
1-3. Tech cap verb for admins, lets admins put a cap on a tech tree.
1-4. Android/Cyborg revamp (seperate doc)
1-5. Tie Arconian fbm req to plmod (high mod is high req, low mod is low req)
1-6. Afterimage toggle (seperate doc)
1-7. Unique ssj1-2-3-4, ussj1-ussj2 mastery system
1-8. Clothes beam, custom beam effect.
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The upcoming recode.
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