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 Variety of Cells.

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Variety of Cells. Empty
PostSubject: Variety of Cells.   Variety of Cells. I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 22, 2014 4:54 am

Hello there,
I had a dream recently that you could pick your own cells as a bio. I want that dream to come true so i'm posting a suggestion on the forums. What if you could pick your own cells as a bio? You could pick what type of bio you could be, every bio would be special..Whether the bio has a different type of cells than cell or even cells of other rares...Here's what would be Awesome:

  • You could be able to pick 4 types of cells cause Cell had 4 types of cells: Human, Changie,Saiyan and namekian.
  • If you had access to other rares, You could have their cells too!
  • Non organic races like Androids shouldn't be on the list as they dont have cells.

List of things each type should have:
Saiyan: Zenkais.
Namekian: Bigger regen and ICly limb regeneration.
Changie: No air requirement (AKA fly in space and on dead planets without suits or pods)
Human: Better ki manipulation.
Kaio:Access to Heaven, Possibly Mystic Idk.
Demon: Access to Hell, Possibly Majin idk.
Demigod: Not as good as full human ki manip but still a bit better and Access to heaven but no mystic.
Hybrid: Not as good as zenkai as full blooded saiyan but still zenkai and access to hell but no majin.
Makyojin: Body expand and possibly summon demons, Maybe even bp increase when makyo star appears.
Spirit Doll: Even better ki manip than humans.
Tsufurujin: Bigger Int mod.
Arconian: Get 3 out of 10 arconian skills.
Halfies (Human dominant): Not bad Zenkai and Better ki manip than saiyan dominant halfies.
Halfies (Saiyan dominant): Better zenkai than Human dominant halfies but worse Ki manip than Human dominant halfies.
Quarter saiyans: Better bp and stat mod.

Rare Cells (Needs access to the rares so you can use em):
Ancient namekian: Regeneration and bigger bp at start.
LSSJ: Zenkai and Bigger BP at start.
Majin: Even bigger BP at start and majin kind regeneration.
Ancient: Really realy big bp at start.
Dragon: Really big BP and idk, Admins can add what they want to dragon.

Well, That's all i can think of. Feel free to tell me if its possible or not.
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Variety of Cells. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Variety of Cells.   Variety of Cells. I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 23, 2014 8:26 am

I think this is an excellent idea, but a view modifications to better fit the cells used.

A Human Halfie should increase anger mod by a lot.

Demi-god's are known for their physical composure, wouldnt it fit if thats a bonus they recieved? Strength and Endurance mods?

Also, Hybrids and Demi cells should allowing them to restore energy in the A, but if there is that many cells, then it would probably be diluted to the point where they are able to enter heaven and hell freely without assistance.

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Variety of Cells.
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