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 A Bunch of Suggestions.

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A Bunch of Suggestions. Empty
PostSubject: A Bunch of Suggestions.   A Bunch of Suggestions. I_icon_minitimeSat May 03, 2014 1:19 am

Depth Building: The Abbilty to make an Upstairs, Or Basement/downstairs in a house, based of the value of the house its built in, for an example. A 10x10 house, could only have a 10x10 upstairs, with a warper which only gives you 10x10 to build in ( 11x11 for walls of course ).
Books, and Bookcases: We have Bookcases, and i thought it would be a good idea to implement books, Perhaps make it a Contest, everyone writes a short or long story, and they are made into books. when someone places down a book shelf they can browse the book collection, or write their own. and add it to the book case.
More types of Guns/AI: Lets start with Turrets, Maybe like 200 tech, the able ability to create a Turret which people can set up around something they are icly trying to protect, would only fire within 2 tiles of the user, and would only cause knock-back damage, and very little damage, much like a warning to whomever gets near. More types of guns, human like Guns, like M16,Ak-47,G36c, Glock, DE, weapons which players icly can use like in the show, when humans would rob a bank or something. But instead of making them Upgrade-able, they would have a base value damage. For example. Glock, would do 10 bp a shot, where a DE would do, 50. a M16 would do 100 bp a shot, and a ak-47 would do 150. it would be a neat way for early wipe players to boss other humans around, threaten their lives with guns, or possibly protect people,.
Planets: More Planets please. I'd like to see Random Planets be put into the game, or a Moon, for example. Earth should have a moon, where as Arconia, would have 3. Moons would be a 100x100 map, and its own Z cord, could be used for someone's empire, or something. The moons dont have to be plain, they could be like a mini planet, so you wouldn't have to make them look like our moon.
More Contact Spots, 25 isnt enough like mid wipe. lol.
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A Bunch of Suggestions.
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