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 Legend of Zelda:Oracle of ages. Creepy stuff i found.

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Legend of Zelda:Oracle of ages. Creepy stuff i found. Empty
PostSubject: Legend of Zelda:Oracle of ages. Creepy stuff i found.   Legend of Zelda:Oracle of ages. Creepy stuff i found. I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 26, 2014 5:21 am

Alright so lets kick this off with a Introduction. Oracle of ages, was a game released for the GBC in late 2001. It was like any other Zelda game at the time, But here was the catch. Oracle of Ages, took place on the same map art, and the goal of the game was to go from the present to the past, and vice versa, Things you changed in the Past changed in the future. If you moved a vine in the past. in the present or future it would have gave acess to a new area and so on and so fourth. Here's where it gets weird. I'll be posting links to the maps so you can check it out yourself.

Chevral: Some guy you have to get a rope from in the past. Is mad old, on the verge of dying. His life dream was to create a rope that would not come apart in Water. and some flippers for swimming. Needless to say thats a crappy life goal, but nevermind that. In the past Chevral put his life works in some cave where in the present you have to go and find, getting this items. This is where the shit hits the fan... Chevral's had a grave site in the Yoll grave yard. However there are no other marked Graves, and Chevrals Grave has most of the graveyard to his one grave ( about 35% of it ) Which leads me to the next part. was Chevral really? " Chevral Yoll " ? we may never know but this is also important to know.

In the Yoll graveyard there is a Dungeon, Level 1, being the first main Dungeon you go to. Its called Spirit's grave. This takes place in the present time. However in the Past. the Same location is the Hidden Maze of the Sea. this is where the Ancient Tomb is located. the Last dungeon you go to before Veran( the main bad guy ) Now by linking thoes two up, and in some theory, i deduce this was the same.  Meaning that the Hidden maze of the sea, must have sunken, and the Yoll graveyard was built on top of it, by Chevral.

The next Argument i make, is that All if not most Dungeons are connected. in some way or form, ( meaning you could go into level 1, and end up in a level 4. )  In the past, to get to the " Hidden maze of the sea" you need to go to the Guardian's head, on Crescent island, This entrance is a bunch of rooms which eventually lead to the Maze of the sea, or Yoll gave yard ( in the present )  However in the Present, the Guardians's head, is the Level 3 Dungeon. Moonlit grotto. This confirms that most of the levels are in some way connected. being as Crescent island is an Island across the map from the yoll grave yard, giving hint to it being underground.

https://i.servimg.com/u/f39/18/82/30/15/750px-10.jpg ( past map )

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Legend of Zelda:Oracle of ages. Creepy stuff i found.
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