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 Completed and planned updates as of 01/08/13

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Completed and planned updates as of 01/08/13 Empty
PostSubject: Completed and planned updates as of 01/08/13   Completed and planned updates as of 01/08/13 I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 04, 2013 12:11 pm

update 1

Ssj4 body icon replacement (finished)

Tail icon replacement for saiyans (including lssj) (finished)

Ssj4 tail icon replacement (finished)

Black Basseniojin icon added to alien (rare icon for alien, same as Bas) (finished)

Flying nimbus (Item for Korin to hand out, allows flying when equiped/used without drain or fly mastery increase). (finished but postponed due to unforseen bug, currently being fixed)

Shenron Icon replacement (finished)

Enlarge verb (in progress)

Alien expand (enlargement BE restored for both aliens and namekians) (finished)

BE icons restored (muscled body, ussj hair, 100% frieza, expanded bio) (partly finished and implemented, ussj and body has been postponed to next update, frieza, makyo and bio are working and in)

SPK planet restored, preferably with coded in sign saying "Promo was here" (finished, unfortunately excluding sign)

Making races like halfie, quarter and demi toggleable only, removing their secundairy/additional reqs to be unlocked. (finished)

Changie revamp (finished)

Ssj reqs adjusted (finished)

Cardinal planets moved to seperate Z (finished)

Dead recovery on cardinal planet and spk planet Z's (finished)

History/personality revamping (partly finished, will happen every update)

Namekian fusion revamp (finished, its actually usefull now!)

BE adjusted to not nuke hair when unBE'ing in ssj (finished)

Namekians now keep their skin color/icon upon relogging instead of being reset to light green (finished)

update 2

Mostly classified, teasers: Lssj revamp, makyo star, unique lunar cycles
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Completed and planned updates as of 01/08/13
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