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 Raven for Changeling :D

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Raven for Changeling :D Empty
PostSubject: Raven for Changeling :D   Raven for Changeling :D I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 19, 2014 3:40 pm

Name: Frosticia

Reason for wanting rare: I just feel that a changeling would liven up the RP, and give the people a little more chance at RPing and training. Plus, I won't be that bad-ass that only goes for the kill. I'll give them a reason to hate or love me, as well as stimulating RP with something new.

Time Available: Well since I'm on break for school, and I won't go back until January, I can't really know positively. I'll attempt to get on from 1:00 PM to 1:30 or 2:00 AM. It honestly just depends on what Ii feel like doing and how early I wake up on that day.

RP example, me transforming from first form to second form.: Frosticia, being extremely angry from all of the fighting going on by her family, had no choice but to step up and do something about it. Placing her legs a bit of ways apart and gripping her hands tightly into fists, she'd begin to power up intensely, rocks starting to rise around her and the ground shaking slightly. Everyone in the area turned to her and almost immediately stopped fighting, but she knew it wouldn't be enough. She started to glow a bright color, and suddenly she began transforming out of nowhere.

With a sudden gasp, she'd feel her leg increase in size, growing to about twice the size it was in at first. Her other leg did the exact same thing, the muscles bulging and the veins coming out to the surface, almost exploding from the amount of blood flow flowing through them at once. She groaned out loudly in what seemed to be pain, or maybe excitement, as she allowed her feet to stretch out. Almost directly after she did that, they suddenly grew to enormous size, growing to be the same size as her legs almost, or atleast to match the size of her legs.

She could feel the power that flew through her and the strength boost that she gained from this. Taking a single step, she felt the ground shake and crumble underneath her raw strength and power level. Her shoulder blades suddenly began to grow out from her back as well as her elbows. Her body expanded and grew to be more armored, making her look bulkier and stronger in comparison to her past self, her original self. Her head seemed to grow into a 'tribal' helmet that covered her, only revealing her eyes. When she finished, a sudden shockwave was sent through the air as she stood there, a new person. A better person. Her giant tail slammed into the ground with power. "The next person that starts a fight, will have to deal with me! And that's final!"
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Raven for Changeling :D
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