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 Race/Moves/Planet etc Changes

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PostSubject: Race/Moves/Planet etc Changes   Race/Moves/Planet etc Changes I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 06, 2015 6:00 am

So due to the copyright situation we obviously would want to have more brains to make the transition smooth right? Right! As such let us pool together possible ideas that the Admins can use in order to have multiple choices that they feel would fit the new change.

My personal ideas:

Race -
Kais > Guardians their description and purposes states it all.

Android/Bio-Android - This can technically stay as it is one of many things that is broad like the word and idea of Changlings. Just make their description fit under a more 'Old Technology' idea, Old World Mecha's that were established by a higher technologically evolved people before the knowledge being wiped away completely.

Bebi > Mutated Being - Best I could come up with honestly.

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PostSubject: Re: Race/Moves/Planet etc Changes   Race/Moves/Planet etc Changes I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 06, 2015 5:45 pm

My suggestions as follows.
For races, first.

Jinsai for saiyans. Partial anagram for the word Saiyan is based on. Legendary Super Saiyan would just be Legendary Super Jinsai.

Namekuji for Namekians. It means Slug, so I mean if any company wants to try and copyright the word for 'Slug' then good luck with that. Ancient Namekuji too, of course.

Majin is easy. Djinni or Djinn. Fits well still, too.

Furutsu for Tsufurujin , which is the original word that Tuffle was based on, meaning fruit.

Android is good.

Human is fine.

Bio-Android should be fine as Biological Android. Or hell, maybe even 'Synthetic'. But I'm trying to pick names relatable to what they were, since if you change them too much you kind of alienate everything.

Bebi could just be Parasite, since that's essentially what it is. A parasite.

Demon is fine.

Kaios are basically angels, so you could run with that. Or for a more original twist you could just name them 'Dieties'. Still better than 'angels' in my opinion. That's been done to death.

Spirit Dolls are easy. Living Dolls. Bam. Done.

Changelings are pretty easy too since their official name is all over the place, but I don't think the word Changeling is ever actually used. You could run with Shapeshifter, though.

Halfies are good, same with Hybrids. Quarter Jinsai, obviously.

Demi-God is fine too. Hell, maybe you could even reskin their race as 'heroes' who's souls eventually take on their own life from the strength of their ancient legends. Basically every Demi-God being the embodiment of a legend, ones they may not even know of themselves.

Arconians would be fine as just 'Alien', same as the Finale games.

That's my suggestions for races, at least. I'm not so good when it comes to planet lines, especially with what I've set up here.
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PostSubject: Re: Race/Moves/Planet etc Changes   Race/Moves/Planet etc Changes I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 06, 2015 11:33 pm

As far as races go...

Saiyan -> Saru - Monkey in Japanese, kind of lame but at the same time it represents what they are all about and doesn't sound a million miles away from the original name.

Kaio -> Deity - Suggested this to Promo yesterday and backing Atomicwarz with it too. (Celestials is an option if we want Marvel coming after us instead of Funimation.)

Spirit Doll -> Chi Doll - Keeps it quite obvious to what it is and plays on what they are good at.

Namekian -> Namekuji - Agree with Atomic on this too, they can't do anything about using the word slug, and it basically gets to keep familiarity this way.

Arconian -> Alien - Nice and simple just to revert back to the old name Encore had for a long time for the race. Just a vast array of Aliens who've come to be on one planet.

Bio-Android -> Organic Android - Not as catchy but tis the same thing in essence, what more is there to be said.

Majin -> Akujin - Majin = Demon god, Akujin = evil god and it sounds pretty good imo, as well as it atleast retaining half of it's name.

Makyo -> Nekura - Means dark natured, seems fitting to be since they don't often get used to bring pure evil, but of course dabble in that side of things.

Tsufurujin -> Ruikibin - Rui meaning weak, kibin meaning smart. Sums up the race and the words fit together quite nicely.

Bebi -> Mecha Mutant - The race is officially Machine Mutant, so just to change it ever so slightly but keep the overall sense of what it is.

Ancients, Androids, Changelings, Demi-gods, Demons, Humans and Hybrids are all fine as they are.
Halfies, Quarters, Ancient Namekians, etc. I'm just lumping in with their main namesake.

Race/Moves/Planet etc Changes 2975286-luffy_vs_rob_lucci_jet_gatling_by_tsotne_senpai-d5th2ff
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PostSubject: Re: Race/Moves/Planet etc Changes   Race/Moves/Planet etc Changes I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 07, 2015 3:27 pm

For races:

Saiyan - Tailborn/Jinsai (as Atomic recommended).

Kaio - Also supporting Deity as a name

Spirit Doll - Ki Doll/The Infused

Namekian - Martian/Sunai'l. The second sounds like a standard fantasy or sci-fi race while being a pun on "snail," which is similar to "slug."

Arconian - Alien, going with the popular vote

Bio-Android - Synthoid/Synthetic Android

Majin - Magus/Djinn

Makyo-jin - Half-Djinn/Mako

Tsufuru-jin - Saifu/Ruikibin. Saifu means "wallet" in Japanese, and can also sound like "safe." Tuffles use money in creation and build strongholds, and Saifu sounds like Tsufu.

Bebi - Parasite/Swapper/Invader

Changeling - Reptili/Shifter

For planets:

Vegeta could be Verdura. It literally means "greenness" or "plant-like" in Spanish, I believe, and "duro" is Spanish for "rough," like the tough Saiyans.

Arconia could be Xeros, which sounds like "Xerox" (poking fun at the standard aliens, like they were printed and copied) or "Zeroes," meaning that its capacity for studied life has gone unstudied.

Namek could be Colony NA-MK2, the second attempt at a colony on a planet filled with intelligent life. The reason for the name is obvious.

Makyo Star could be the Mako Star, also hinting at the form of energy in Final Fantasy and other works.

Changeling Planet could be Frazium or Ferrus 2 (pronounced Furrows-two, like "Frostu"), also hinting at iron-like deposits on the planet.

I hope these help!
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PostSubject: Re: Race/Moves/Planet etc Changes   Race/Moves/Planet etc Changes I_icon_minitime

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Race/Moves/Planet etc Changes
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