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 Rare Race Application Form

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Rare Race Application Form Empty
PostSubject: Rare Race Application Form   Rare Race Application Form I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 16, 2014 8:51 am

Hey there everyone. This is the official topic that will provide the common player with all they need to properly apply to be a rare race. Below you will find a form that has general outlines on what we, the admin team, are looking for in players that wish to play a rare race. First, I'd like to go over a couple general rules about what is expected, and what you might want to know before applying.

One very specific issue a majority of you will have, availability.

Unlike normal races, Rares are often a unique and important part of a storyline. They require a higher level of focus to a particular section, or role, and leave little free time for an alt. As such, it is asked that if you do obtain a rare race after applying, you set your alt aside for another time, or forgo it entirely.
We want to know what you've had experience with, and how much, if any. If you've never held a Rank before, or haven't played Encore long.. it isn't likely you'll be allowed to control a powerful tool that provides roleplay to others.

We obviously would like to know what race you'd like to play. It might seem like fun to introduce a Majin at year 5, but that's not likely to happen. Let us know what you feel like playing and we'll keep your application in mind if we need a player for that particular race!
This does not, however, promise that submitting an application will be rewarded with that race if nobody else applies.

Commonly, rare races are the driving force behind events. We would like to know what you intend to do, or at least provide an example of what makes you a good decision for a rare.

Not only do we want to know what experience you have, or what you plan to do.. we'd like to know the reason behind wanting to be a particular rare. Are you looking to be the most powerful in the universe? Are you trying to impress someone? Do you feel that you have what it takes to be an unappreciated nugget of bubble gum mean't to be destroyed by some hero for the sake of roleplay? Let us know why you feel this Race you've applied for is right for you.


  • User/Key:
  • Experience with Ranks or Events that qualify you for a Rare:
  • Race you are applying for:
  • An example of what you intend to do with the Rare Race you have selected:
  • Reason behind application:
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Rare Race Application Form Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rare Race Application Form   Rare Race Application Form I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 22, 2015 12:13 am

Oh god,I'm doing this again...This will be for the next wipe app.


Experience with Ranks or Events that qualify you for a Rare:CL,DL on another game a few times.

Race you are applying for:Bio(Genetic Android now)

An example of what you intend to do with the Rare Race you have selected:Well of course,First,I intend to piss everyone off so much that they would rip my body apart when I die before disintegrating it into nothing...That should be the goal of every villain: To get on everyone's bad side and do something that makes the players wanna kill the villain.Second,I plan to provide roleplay while trying to kill no players unless i have no choice...Killing makes players sad about their characters and that kills roleplay yet provides more roleplay to the afterlife. Third,I of course intend to get stronger to actually be of a threat to the playerbase. It will motivate them to hurry up their training and make the wipe progress much faster than earlier.The main goal of this race is to reach the perfect form but that is associated with my third goal which is to get stronger.

Reason behind application:Well,I figured that more and more new players to encore or rather now Journey to the west: Awakening are coming on and I want to show them why it's worth staying here and playing with the great community. I see this as a teaching experience rather than a learning one,of course,I learn more about the race,But what matters is that I teach new players how to handle themselves out in the game and be ready for anything,even if the threat is way more bigger than you are. It'll promote RP aswell as show the activity of this game.
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Rare Race Application Form
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