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 [Pre-Recode] Makyo Star Jump

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[Pre-Recode] Makyo Star Jump Empty
PostSubject: [Pre-Recode] Makyo Star Jump   [Pre-Recode] Makyo Star Jump I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 29, 2014 2:32 am

I know this is going to get added in added into the recode, but until we have to wait for that, the Makyos really do need something to help them while they wait. Since it's planned to be added for the recode, it wouldn't hurt to have it added in now just to give people more incentive to play the race other than "Hey, I want to play Demon Lord but Demons are disabled". Unlike a lot of the other ideas for the recode, a Makyo Star jump is extremely quick and easy. Just have a Makyo learn it about the same way a Kai or Demon learns their Teleport. Then, if a Makyo clicks it, it basically goes (I don't know Makyo Star's z-coord, so let's pretend it's 12):

        usr<<"You can't jump to a planet if the Makyo Star isn't near one."
        usr<<"The Makyo Star is nowhere in sight."
        //give them a Kai Teleport prompt that only lists mortal planets like Earth, Namek, etc
        //give them a prompt to return to the Makyo Star

Then all you have to do is slap on an addition to the year 15 rule saying that Makyo Teleports are included alongside Pods, Kai/Demon Teleports, etc. Bam. People will want to make Makyos again. Fix Demons before the recode and BOOM, Makyos will not be a trash race that nobody plays and finally become a viable force to be reckoned with alongside every other race, once again.
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[Pre-Recode] Makyo Star Jump
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