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 The changeling Lord; The saiyan Civil War!

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The changeling Lord; The saiyan Civil War! Empty
PostSubject: The changeling Lord; The saiyan Civil War!   The changeling Lord; The saiyan Civil War! I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 21, 2014 11:57 pm

Year 10 Month 3: Part one of 5

Koron had been making his influence known on the planet, showing that he was far more powerful then all of the others. This was demonstrated many times, people who he had beaten again and again until they swore to follow in his rule. One specifically named Purrkon, who was the first of Arconans he forced to follow him. Falling after only two punches, he would stand and laugh with his arms crossed, pushing his foot into Purrkon's throat. Leaning down. they engaged in a small conversation, ultimately ending with him submitting deafeat. This was near teh same result for each of the people of Arconia. They were all  weak, and each fell to their knees. The ruthless, power hungry Arconian, Koron, took the title of King. Those who seemed to disagree when called out, remained quite, knowing there was nothing that could be done. With his power established, a new era in Arconia will begin. Its rise of power, and its influence of greatness would soon spread.

Year 10 Month 6: Vegeta's dark day

'It was a very standard day on Planet Vegeta. The Saiyans were sparring one another and the tuffles were coming up with new ideas for new technology.  However the normal mundane life of everyone was suddenly interrupted when a single energy signal shot up on the planet's surface causing several saiyans to stir to life. Once the saiyans had successfully pinpointed the location of the high energy signal they took off. Three saiyans ended up landing in front of a present. young teenager whom they all knew well enough and each had fought before he disappeared. Having so many people around seemed to make him uneasy and he suddenly just snapped as two of the saiyans continue to insult him. As if from out of nowhere the saiyan suddenly launched a wave of energy across the area knocking the three saiyans back and causing a large trench to temporarily form in the ocean. As the young teenagers power continues to grow threats came out of his mouth, Threats that would normally scare anyone but the three saiyans, soon joined by more and more weren't phased enough to actually leave the scene of battle. Suddenly the planet begins to shake and quiver as the young saiyans power shoots up to an astronomical level and a large golden aura surrounds him causing shockwaves that shoot out in all directions that everyone became a bit more worried. Very soon a battle would begin seeing several of the saiyan face down in the mud after being knocked around by the powerful saiyan. With a laugh and a threat however the battle would soon meet its climax as the Saiyans power would suddenly raise even more prompting one saiyan to suggest sacrificing herself so that the others could escape.  All the saiyans would flee the area accept that one, the one who survived the might of Solandros forcing his energy all out at once, causing his body to violently explode sealing the trench in the ocean and causing him to meet his final fate.

Year 10 Month 7: The Subjugation of Darth Eissburg

After giving a grand speech to his new subjects, the sounds from his booming presentation attracted a horde of feral Changelings on the small shack. After firing a beam from the roof and floating outside, he unleashed an attack on the horde. Some of them took to the air while others climbed the sides of the structure. Eissburg simply chuckles as he unleashed a torrent of energy blasts on the building itself, wiping out all of the Changelings crawling on it. In retaliation, the flying Changelings firing their own blasts back at him. He meerly chuckled as a shield of energy flared around him, causing each attack to bounce off him harmlessly. As they begun to flee, Eissburg began to charge up a huge attack, finally releasing it upon the flying Changelings. The ray of energy slices through all of them in one smooth motion, killing them all instantly.

Eissburg then landed in front of the ruins of the building and bellowed out before the trembling Changelings. "My name is Darth Eissburg and I am your new ruler. Your new god. You will all obey me or suffer the penalty of death at my hand. If you even think against me, I'll kill you where you stand." With that, the entire island of Changelings bowed before him, chanting his name as he takes his two subjects from the ruins of the shack and to the castle if had built previously, well expecting to take over the place sooner or later. It was from here that he and his subjects went out across the planet. Within just a week, the entire planet was chanting his name, 'Darth Eissburg, Lord of the Changelings.

Year 11 Month 0: Blind Amition

The sky lands, home to the demi-gods and the hybrids. It was a peaceful and beautiful land, but it was a false peace. In the quiet, a battle erupted between two hybrids, Balthazar and Bas. The two had been fighting for days over the path that there race should follow. They both wanted to hunt the demi gods but couldn't agree on who should lead. When it finally came to blows Balthazar was severely out matched. Every attack was block or missed its mark. Despite Bas's constant egging on and multiple free "hits to the face" Balthazar could not land a single blow. After a frustratingly boring fight, Bas decided to end it and embedded his fist in Balthazar's stomach. He flies across the room and lands on his feet when he looks up to Bas he only sees a blast of energy heading straight for him. With Balthazar unconscious on the floor, Bas walks over to Balthazar and places his foot on his chest. "This will be you punishment for defying me!" he yelled as he plunged his fingers into his eyes and ripped them from his sockets. As he swung them around like a yo-yo, he flaunted his plans to the still unconscious Balthazar. He then leans down to Bal's ear and whispers, "Know your place." With Balthazar regaining consciousness he quickly realized his eye sight was gone. "I submit to your rule, Lord Bas." said the broken Balthazar. With this Most of the hybrids alive know knew of his power and all feared it. He had become the ruler of the hybrids. The Arbiter.

Year 11 Month 2: The Rise Of The Justicar

The most dire of circumstance's, required most if not all of the demigods attendance to the meeting in the Hall of the All Father's. There the strongest and most capable of the Demigod's met, to talk of the rise of the hybrid powers that they are all sensing. They interpret that the power of the Hybrid's rising means that evil must be taking root somewhere in the universe and it is up to them to find it and correct the balance that has become unhinged. With that being said, the challenge was finding the most suitable candidate.

With all the Demigod's being some of the most powerful beings in the universe it is hard a choice. So they decided upon a bout of strength. Once they had chosen their form of combat, a lone figure made his way forward, towards the middle of the room. After having victory over victory. He gave a rousing a speech to his comrades. But one lone voice spoke out, that of Damien Valde. Valde asked this man, who came to be known as Dardino, what made him a better leader than he? So, Dardino responded not unkindly and without condescension. "I led the army of the Enlightened back upon my home realm against the oppressive High Council. I sacrificed everything I had, my power, my god hood, to save those that followed me. I will not lie, being a leader is tough. I do not want it nor do I covet it, I would wish nothing more than just sit back and relax, watching the stars, and the lives of mortals. But I know that with my power comes responsibility and that I must use it for good."

Damien, convinced by that statement agreed. But under one condition that Dardino beat him in single handed combat. Dardino agreed. They both went to their respective sides of the room, each preparing in his own way for the upcoming fight which decides the leader of their race. Once they were both ready, Dardino strikes first, landing with a solid hard left elbow to the chin of Damien as Dardino is able to dodge the blow relatively easy and is able to send a deafening right uppercut into Damien's chin effectively knocking him out. Dardino, reaches down and helps Damien to his feet. He bows before him, saying to him. " I hope you enjoyed the spar, as much as i did. I believe that if I were to help you train more, you may indeed become stronger than I one day."

Dardino reaches out with his hand and Damien shakes it in a warriors grip, accepting the giant of a Demigod as his new leader, with that fight finished. It was an easy pick of who would lead the Demigod's and lifted upon the shoulders of the strongest was Justicar Dardino.

Year 14 Month 1: A Guardian has arrived

After several years of quiet training and contemplation, a Namekian by the name of Lute had managed to do what few of it's kind ever did. A surge of power released that could be felt across the entirety of it's home planet as a serpentine shadow was cast across the land, roaring to life from a small collection of orbs arranged around a single ashen figure. "State your wish." A quiet femenine voice being cooed into the mind of the albino Namekian that had given it life. Such a legendary creature reborn only by the faint chance that Lute possessed the ability to form the relics required for the ritual. The once thought to be mythical, Dragon Blood Crystals. In a carefully selected series of words in it's native tongue, Lute asked the Dragoness to grant it's one request. In a flurry of unnatural power the wish was granted and Lute was transported to the small planet Earth, an island shrouded in the clouds.. high above the ocean. As if it had been plucked out of the ground from some far away planet, a home for the young Guardian to keep watch over a planet that needed guidance most.

Year 17, Month 10 - The Death of a Hero, the Birth of a Monster

Darth Eissburg finishes his experiments in his lab and takes his new toy for a test run. Upon its first planetary sweep, it scans one other creature other than himself. Curious, he makes his way outside. As he opens the door to his castle, a feral Changeling comes flying through, falling dead on the ground. An odd looking creature not of his planet appeared before him. After introductions, she told him that she was a member of the Saiyan race sent from Vegeta to conquer.

After what began as a simple test of power between the two, it heated up as they both discovered that their foe was more powerful than they previously thought. After a seemingly even fight, the Saiyan threw an artificial moon into the air, causing them to turn into a giant Oozaru. The Oozaru's form easily overwhelmed the Changeling Overlord. Before she could finish him off, the device wore off, causing the Saiyan to revert back to normal.

It turned out that the Saiyan he was facing was no orderinary Saiyan, but the one that stood before the mighty Solandros that ran rampant on her homeworld around the same time that Eissburg declared himself the Lord of All Changelings. The Saiyan, Tarba, powered herself up to her very limit and began her assault on the Changeling Lord. Her offensive assaults outpowered Darth Eissburg's Cryonium Sword. Knowing that he was overpowered in martial arts, he resorted to his own energy attacks. After hurling attack after attack, she took them head on and retorted with a flurry of attacks. In a last ditch effort to kill off the Changeling Lord, Tarba released her own ki attack at him, a large beam of raw chakra. And in a large explosion of smoke, it seemed that the Dark Lord of the Changelings had finally fallen.

Darth Eissburg had barely survived. Despite having shielded most of the beam with his energy shield, he still took heavy damage from the attack. While he was hidden in the smoke, he knew that his only chance of surviving would be to unleash his true form. As he transformed under the gauze of the smoke, Darth Eissburg took a more feral stance, weilding his sword in his tail. As the smoke cleared, she looked in terror upon the Changeling Lord's true form. As he mocked her, telling her to just give in and die, Tarba did not give up. Instead she charged in headstrong, knowing that she had lost, but unwilling to give up her Saiyan pride and flee. She was able to get a damaging blow off, even in his final form. This caused Darth Eissburg to snap. He suddenly felt fear at the thought of a being capable of damaging him in his true form. He was truely scared of the thought of an entire race of creatures capable of harmling him. If this Saiyan was just a grunt, he could just imagine what the Queen herself would do to him. In a flurry of insanity driven sword slashes, the Saiyan finally fell. The one who could stand up to the Legend could not stand up to the Monster.

The Changeling Lord charges up his energy to the fullest he could get it, sending a pulse of energy througout the galaxy, chilling everyone with senses strong enough down to the spine. After obliterating Tarba with a giant energy sphere, Eissburg cried out into the sky. "If I can't get you to come to me, I'll come to you. I'm not afraid of any of you. Prepare yourselves, Saiyans, Darth Eissburg will destroy you all."

Year 19 Month 5: Three Green Men and a Drunk

Years of seclusion and training for the small band Namekians all changed one day, as a Human known as Vairice landed his homely spacecraft on the surface of the planet. He felt the power of two natives together, quickly finding the two and speaking to them. The arrival of a foreign power sparked the attention of the Namekian Tuba, for a power had been felt by him and one of his Namekian brothers before, that was clearly not located on their own planet. After a bit of discussion with the alien Vairice, Tuba finally decided that their lovely planet was too vulnerable to possible danger; naturally or artificially induced. Tuba gathered the other Namekians he could find and spoke to them, calling on the civilized Namekian people to come together as a group, and to no longer work as individuals.

The speech was given, and both Namekians Zafu and Piconoe were in agreement that Tuba was to become their leader, or elder. The three stood together, hand-in-hand, and swore an oath together in their native tongue that would have translated to something similar to "In life, and in death, I swear to protect this beautiful world in which we were born into, and all of the life in which it holds. I do this not for myself, but for the benefit of the Namekian people." After the oaths were taken, Tuba relocated himself to a much more convenient location to be watching over what could now be considered his planet. The ancient tower that stood atop a hill would be the perfect place to observe events happening all over Namek. Now all that was left was to work with his fellow brothers in making Namek not only a peaceful, quiet place to live, but they would also work together to benefit themselves as they were going to be spending a lot of time together now.

The mysterious power that had been detected by Tuba and other Namekians still dwelled on Tuba's mind. Nothing was more important in his mind than to work together to ensure Namek's protection from powers such as that. Tuba knew, however, that sheer training may not be a direct solution to the possibility of invasion. For the time being, he would also be pondering other ways to intervene in planetary disasters

Year 25 Month 10: Two Green Men, a useless drunk, an oblivious Saiyan, and a murderous Psychotic Saiyan

All had seemed to be going well on the Planet Namek. Multiple people were coming to the Elder's house, that being the gathering spot of all the Warriors on Namek. Things were going well, new findings, discoveries and friendships among the people of different races were being forged. That's when Kimiko walked in. Zafu told everyone that the Saiyan girl was the very one she had beaten earlier, and she had replied with a death threat over a grudge.The Namekian Elder Tuba had other plans, not wanting his place to get wrecked. Kimiko retorted by calling Tuba fodder, prompting Zafu to snap. He attacked Kimiko, expecting the match to go well in his favor. The second saiyan present named Chronos took it upon himself to block the drunk Vairice from interfering in the fight, instead wanting to let things play out. As Vairice was drunk at the time, he made no effort to interfere in the fight, as did Tuba and Shizen. As it happened, Zafu was completely overpowered, even when he had doubled his energy output, he stood no chance. Sprawled on the floor,Kimiko was about to head for the kill before being grabbed out of the way by Chronos and sent out of the way.

Kimiko's attention averted to Chronos, instead making him her target.Before any important moves could be made,Chronos got  Kimiko to follow suit. Frustrated, she followed Chronos to another location, that being an underground Namekian cave. Chronos had successfully led Kimiko to a safer place, and with Zafu's presence no longer influencing her decisions, she was succesfully calmed down. Namek had been saved bloodshed, albeit with the help of foreigners.

Month:10 Year:27 Queens Final Path

The queen had in fact been one of the smartest and strongest saiyans on planet Vegeta for many years now. It took one thing to break her stride towards the top; a hateful comment from one man she thought was her friend. She was now broken, a simple shell of her formal self ready to lead a new life elsewhere in the universe. Slowly the queen would leave her belongings behind piece by piece, Item by item as she makes her way for the door. "Im done" Was the only thing she said as she opens the door. Placing down a small capsule the queen would say her farewells to the planet she had once sworn to protect knowing that no one listens completely to her anymore. "They can fend for themselves as they have always done and always will." She said as across the plains the loud roar of her pods engines coming to life would fill the area with sound as she climbs slowly into her pod, pressing the button and blasting off to begin her personal exile.

Year 31 Month 4: A Cold Executioner's Wrath

A few years prior, the Changeling Lord was met with another visitor to his bleak planet. This one, though, would change his life forever. After what appeared to be a scouting mission gone wrong, Eissburg kept the Saiyan with him by blowing up his spacepod when he tried to escape. Within' minutes his castle was swarmed with other Saiyans. After scanning all of their powerlevels, he left the entire lot of them to the General of his army, Korrod, as he went to put the finishing touches on his a spacecraft modeled after the Saiyans' from years before. What seemed to be an effortless fight for Korrod turned sour, though, as one of the intruders immediately released a torrent of ki spheres which rained upon him, almost incapacitating his transformed form. The Saiyans then took him hostage, taking him to their planet of Vegeta by force.

Korrod told Eissburg that he had everything under control, so he worked diligantly to apply the finishing touches to his own spacecraft. After finalizing the Saiyan's fuel source onto the chassie of his own model, Eissburg took to the stars, following General Korrod's weakening beacon emitting from his communicator. It took him a few years, but after reaching Vegeta, Eissburg rose from the water and went straight for the lifesign of Korrod himself. There he met a young Saiyan child that Korrod was raising for the army and the Saiyan Queen herself. Apparently the attack on his castle was not one from the Queen, but actually a band of rebels called the "Shades" who had been a major enemy to the Queen for decades now, led by Chronos. After Korrod was taken hostage, he feinted allegiance with the Shades, slowly working his way into their ranks. Apparently alerted by Eissburg's energy signature, the leader of the Shades, Chronos himself, appeared before them. Enraged by Korrod's betrayal, he attacked them head-on. Having already prepared himself for an attack from the Shades, Korrod spent the last few days in his second form, turning the fight into nothing more than a triviality. Nevertheless, Chronos proved to be a powerful opponent, dealing tons of damage to the General before finally kicking the bucket. The Queen returned, having previously taken the third in charge of the Shades off to another island to fight, killing her outright.

As this happened, the second in command, Shizen, watched helplessly, unable to make it to save his best friend, Chronos, in time. Enraged, he jumped in to take out the one who killing his best friend, the one that he, too, had called friend. Eissburg meerly taunted him as he charged the Changelings. Proving to be an even battle due to his injuries, Korrod is pushed into his third form, once again turning and even match into a lopsided battle. During this time, the lone Namekian, Zafu, appeared and began to charge another one of his Ki attacks. This Namekian was the same one that almost killed Korrod earlier on their home world, so Eissburg immediately stepped in, threatening him with a ki attack of his own. Before Zafu chose to fire, wanting to power it up immensely, Eissburg swiftly sent forth his signature "Drill Sphere" technique. This flung Zafu across the ocean, but he remained standing. He decided to go for a quicker attack this time, but General Korrod had just finished off Shizen, leaving him unconscious on the floor to finish off the Namekian. In a single combo, he felled the green creature, ending his life before returning to finish the last commanding officer of the Shades off. Eissburg returned to the sidelines as Korrod went for his finishing blow. Suddenly, the Android, Prime Eden, that had been watching the fight from the very beginning breaks his stance as a neutral party. While distracted by the Namekian, Prime Eden set up a pod to send Shizen to safety, seeing someone capable of damaging a transformed Changeling as beneficial for his own plans. Eissburg did not mind his escape, seeing Shizen and the Android to be nothing more than trivial nuances, so he left it to Korrod and the Queen. Despite Prime Eden being one of if not the most powerful Androids around, he could not hold up to the both of them, and simply tried to stall for his pod. It was not use, while distracted by Queen Jessi, Korrod had killed Shizen, firing the pod lifelessly into space, abandoning Prime Eden as well. Had it just been a one-on-one with either of them, he might have won, but finally, he, too, fell to the Changeling and Saiyan, exploding into a pile of circuits.

After promoting General Korrod to Elite Commander and forcing Queen Jessi to surrender her crowd and become his General of Vegeta, Elite Commander Korrod and Darth Eissburg too off in search for any remaining Shades. Upon reaching Earth, the two sensed someone. Going there, they found someone stronger than some Shades mooks. Instead, it turns out that Jessi had failed. Kimiko was still alive. They engaged in a one-on-one duel, and after a single wave of attacks from each other sending them both to their knees, unexpected guests had arrived. It turns out that heaven came to intervene against the two Changelings, sending both the North Kai, Zarg, and the South Kai, Bein. Thinking they were simply alien allies of the Shades, Korrod took them on. Eissburg, though, sensed their massive powerlevels and the dreaded emotion came back. Fear racked his body a he begun to transform, destroying part of the pier and sending him into the watery depths as the Elite commander fought back the twin Cardinals.

Darth Eissburg rose from the water sealed in an orb of ki, his powerlevel completely dwarfing the transformed Commander's own. Sensing the immediate danger, Zarg lept for the Saiyan and grabbed a hold of her collar, attempting to teleport away. Eissburg saw this, and expecting him to fly off with her, broke free from his bubble, leaping onto the pier. He stared down the two on all fours like a primal beast, Eissburg dropped his axe tail like a guillotine, breaking Zarg's grip free. To give Zarg time to transform and fight back, Bein enlarged his muscles to multiple times their normal size. Korrod countered this with his own display of muscular growth, allowing him to break free from Bein and finish off Zarg before he could use his secret technique. His fear completely taking over his mind, Eissburg stormed around in hysterical rage roaring and insulting the North Kai. Kimiko saw the opening. While Eissburg's mind was unfocused and crazed and the Elite Commander was distracted with Bein, she leapt over to the her downed savior. The tables had turned and it appeared that Kimiko had saved Zarg instead. Knowing he was no match for the twin Changelings, the South Kai did all he could to make sure the others made it out alive. Having done that, he finally succumbs to fate, getting struck down Korrod. A young Kai flies into help, but it was too late. Bein was already knocked out and both Changelings near their full power. Having finally regained his senses with the Saiyan gone, Eissburg told the Kai of the futility of trying to save him. Unable to do anything, the Kai did as instructed and fled, trying his hardest not to watch as his elder Cardinal, Bein, was slaughtered.

After the battle, Eissburg bellows out with his mind to Kimiko. He would let her live on one condition, she spread the word of his power to the planet, never leaving or else she'd get killed on the spot. With that, she responded with a single line. Her spirit had not wavered from that fight. Instead, it was sparked anew, even stronger than before. She swore to slay the Changeling Overlord and his entire race. And with that, a temporary calm washed over the galaxy.

Year 36 Month 0: Reawakening.

Aided by his warriors the namekian elder forced his way into Thorn's factory, so many fought against them to protect the factories constant production especially the ones working under Thorn "FOOLS! How could you allow yourself to be taken in so easily!?" the Elder called out. He found his way into Thorn's chambers, the much younger Namekian stood smiling "You think you can kill me? All you'll do is make them suffer!" he said confidently not expecting the elder to actually make an attempt on his life "I will not take the life of my own child..." the elder responded in a low tone. "Exactly, that's why you'll take sip of this and go on your merry way; Hell take a few for the road!" "You misunderstand." "I'm not misunderstandin' nothing! You go hide in a hole or drink up like the rest! I don't care really just don't get in my way, old fool." "I won't take your life but I will not allow your tyranny to go on! YOU SHALL NEVER STEP FOOT ON THIS WORLD EVER AGAIN!"

The Elder was enveloped in a glorious wave of energy, he grabbed hold of the young Namekian "NO, NO! What are you doin...not this!" he screamed out "Clearly you recognize this technique from the stories told of the past" the Elder responded calmly as his eyes glowed brightly; he stared deeply into the soul of Thorn. He'd find his body splitting apart into pure ki energy, before launching through the ceiling of the building into space. It'd fly across the galaxy moving constantly before reaching earth, Thorn's energy would come down in a beam into the center of structure still being created.

The ancient people of Earth, looked in away as the Namekian's energy sealed itself within the tomb of their God. They took it as sign and worked constantly to complete their pyramid in to honor their Lord, little did they know that they were housing a being that was capable of collapsing his very race's morals without lifting a single finger.
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The changeling Lord; The saiyan Civil War! Empty
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The changeling Lord; The saiyan Civil War!
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